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The courses, training opportunities, and materials, as well as instructions, are intended for educational purposes. They are neither designed to give legal advice nor take the place of appropriate legal, professional, or medical consultation. As laws vary from State to State and from, Country/Providence to Country /Province, participants are advised to discuss any specific question(s) with the proper authority (ies). The purpose of this information is to equip learners to more fully understand the needs of individuals, and to be able to offer motivational, inspirational, and supportive information.


• Feeling of guilt
• Self condemnation
• Divided mind
• Anxiety
• Damaged self esteem
• Hypocrisy
• Emptiness
• Disappointment
• Anger
• Depression
• Dishonesty
• Doubt
• Wasted time
• Diminished effectiveness
• Fear
• Disobedience to GOD
• Regret
• Remorse
• Abortion
• Damaged fellowship with GOD
• Crime
• Divine punishment
• Sexually transmitted diseases
• Damaged testimony
• Damaged relationship with GOD
• Damaged ministry
• Damaged future
• Damage to GODly usefulness
• Fragmentation of souls
• Defilement
• Reprobate mind
• Delivery to satan
• Sinning against your body
• Brings GOD’s wrath upon one’s life
• Laying a bad marital foundation
• Breeding of bastards
• Evil blood covenant
• Demonization
• Strengthening of internal yokes and burdens
• Destiny diversion
• Church pollution
• Makes satan happy
• Unwanted pregnancy
• Damaged womb or reproductive organ
• Barrenness
• Untimely death
• Murder
• Wrong marriage
• Troubled marriage
• Physical and spiritual death.


• Sexual purity
• Sexually polluted
• Lost virtues
• Future time bombs
• Chronic deliverance case
• High mileage pollution
• Sex in the heart
• X-ray spirit
• Shaven Samson
• Altar prisoners
• Evil negative charge
• Self sex(masturbation)
• Lost glory and destiny group
• Demoted prophet
• Hidden infirmity group
• Baby polygamist
• Generational curses
• Catapulted to zero level
• Catastrophic children
• Cursed sexual organs
• Bewitched womb
• Prostitution
• Molech reproductive organ
• Spiritual sex(spirit husband and wife)
• Violent introduction(rape)
• Sexual day dreamer
• Soul ties
• Magic/occultic hold
• Sexual addiction
• Fragmented soul
• Cursed hand
• Constant wet dream
• Sleeping with animals
• Watching pornography
• Reading pornographic magazines
• Readiing sexy books
• Lesbianism
• Homo sexualism
• Oral sex
• Group sex
• Sex with children
• Incest
• Fondling and petting
• Taking drugs to excite yourself

If you must escape from all these then

• Flee
• Burn the bridges(get rid of things that will drag you back into the bondage)
• Discipline your body
• Be renewed in your mind
• Make a covenant with your eyes
• Go for deliverance if you need one
• Learn the power of prayer and the word of GOD
• Avoid anyone that is provoking you sexually
• Seek for help if the bondage persist
• Let GOD be your obsession

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