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After reading Hebrews 11, what kind of faith did those men and women obtain, that allowed them to see the manifestations of God?

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when you put your faith in god and not man you will gain favor in the lord eyes and anything you ask for in his name will be granted

Yes.  God rewards those who seek Him earnestly.  The people in Hebrews 11 had an unshakable faith.  They were convinced as to what God was doing in their lives through "FAITH".  Even though they couldn't see a lot of these tangible and intangible things in front of them, they had enough "FAITH" to believe that it was already done.

Yes, Tiffany,

I seek God's favor daily.


when you put your faith in god and not man you will gain favor in the lord eyes and anything you ask for in his name will be granted

These men and women of God had unshakeable, undeniable, untouchable faith.The type of faith that they had is the type of faith that we MUST  have in order to fulfill our purpose, Without faith you cant please God. It is my ultimate goal to please God having faith that if he said it he's going to bring it to pass. That he is not a man that he should lie, nor the son of man that he should repent. He is able to do all, he is all powerful. it is through this type of faith that the sick should be healed, that souls should be delivered.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, our hope is in Jesus, and this is where our faith is if he doesn't do it cant nobody do it, he is all powerful, all knowing and, all seeing. There is none like him.

Amen, bless you Prophetess Candace, I love when you stated that What KIND of faith,'? Yes, there are different realms of faith. 1. Believe, 2. Trust, 3, Confidence, 4, Faith, 5, GOD-fidence(Faith+Confidence) combined, 6, Indomitable Faith(Prophet Elijah had) 7, Invincible Faith(Samson had, before his hair was cut off) 8. Unshakeable Faith( The Seer Daniel had) no matter what he was not going to stop praying to God, because they said he cannot. 9. Tenacious Faith(The Seer/Prophet Elisha had) Because he knew that the double portion was going to allow him to have Flawless Victory no matter what he faced. 10. Unbeatable Faith(King David, had when he face Goliath) he knew that if God did it before, God was going to give him unbeatable faith again. 11. Knowing Faith(That is what Noah had, when he prophesied to the people about the rain) even though they have never seen rain, he knew if God said it, it was SO. He knew if God giving him the Blueprint for the ark, and had him build it, he knew hear come the rain. 12. Supreme Faith( Jesus, is the King Supreme Being) of our faith, he is the Chief Cornerstone, and author and finisher of our faith. When we walk in Supreme Faith, there is no more natural/self however, the Supernatural in the Dimensional Realms of the Kingdom of God. This is the faith that Jesus walked in from the moment of conception until his ascension to Heaven. This is the Faith, where nothing is ever impossible. Because from what the Archangel told Jesus mother Mary, the day she found out about Jesus( For the word of God will never FAIL(NLT). I love this version in AMP too( For with God nothing is ever impossible and no word from God shall be without POWER or IMPOSSIBLE of FULFILLMENT.) My God, I feel like preaching. Now I have never even taught the 12 steps of faith with the platinum eagles before. I pray they read this and embrace it on today. God told me to share what he gave me years ago to you. May this feedback enrich, and empower your life Agape :-)

Candace Carson said:

(Sidebar Before Answering The Question: The way you phrased the question actually unlocked something for me. They had to 'obtain,' the faith in order to "allow" "manifestation" which means manifestation in the physical realm is prevented by faith-lessness. Receiving happens internally first. Lack of outward manifestation can sometimes be a reflection of INNER DEADNESS. A dry spirit....a spirit that isn't eating enough of the Word is a spirit that manifests poorly, because its faith account is impoverished. Amen. Also I love that you distinguished the question by asking "What KIND of faith,' meaning there are different versions of faith, which leads me to wonder what the different KINDS of faith are? :-) Now I need to define the word 'manifest." I know what it means, but I want to see it clearly defined. Why? Because to me......the word FAITH and the word MANIFEST are ALMOST the same in definition.) A 'declaration,' therefore is a faith manifestation arrow. :-) lol

After reading Hebrews 11, my answer is that those men & women had 'authentic,' faith-the kind that protected them, delivered them, & the kind that couldn't even be defeated by either trial or temptation to renounce the faith. Faith that was tried. Faith that was authentic, whole, at one with itself, impenetrable.

For the men & women trusted greatly with all that is hoped for. They stepped out on what was reported as good to come believing in God & his works. Only to see God's workings come to pass. This solid belief was spread out to one another. As this pleased God.

They had that great faith that was not moved by circumstances. They believed what God told them and took his word for truth. They didn't care if people did not understand them. They moved in obedient  faith in God. They were rewarded for their obedience. We was rewarded for their swift movement in their faith.

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