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Marinating…but in What? By Apostle Claudia Boatright. Week one Reading..

Marinating…but in What?

“This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.” Joshua 1:8 (ESV)


Preparation is always a vital instrument.  Our ability to successfully outwit the adversary is to sensor the type of “marinating” that our spirit man is being exposed to.  Today, as never before, it is essential that we are ever cautious and remain on our guard concerning the types of material that we are constantly permitting to enter through our ear and eye gates.  Far too often we are permitting our spirits to be marinated with; and to become saturated with the concepts of this world – without our knowledge. However, if we maintain the proper relationship with the Lord, He will always alert us to the ploys of the enemy.


Don’t permit your spirit to become desensitized to what God has established as our foundational principles and guidelines.  With the advancements in technology, we have the ability to have God inspired material at our disposal as often as we desire. Therefore, it is our responsibility to “choose” what we will permit our spirits to bask, soak… marinate in.   


Here is a prime example.  I very, very rarely watch television.  However, a program had come on after the news that caught my attention. I think that it was some type of detective story. About a minute into the program; the Lord said, “You can’t watch this”.  So I immediately turned it off.  When I asked Him why, He said that the program had the potential to introduce the spirit of fear and deceit into my spirit.  He also said that if I had permitted my spirit to marinate in such for an hour – I would have availed myself to every negative concept from the program.  Now… would I have gone to hell for watching the program?  Absolutely not.  However, like Sampson, upon my next encounter with the enemy; I would not have had the necessary wisdom, power and authority.  If we are going to stay at least a step or two ahead of our adversary – we must be on our alert at all times.  Everything that is a “good” thing may not be a “God” thing! 


We can’t possibly be aware of every current device that the enemy will use in an attempt to bring defeat and or demise to our plan of action.  However, when we begin to marinate in the presence of the Lord, we will have the ability to maintain a consciousness of Him – that will always alert us to every potential adverse situation.


Yes… preparation is vital.  Remember, marinating is a preparatory process.  It is a current procedure, whose results assure us of our future success. The problem is not “if” we are marinating…. But “what” we using as our marinating substance.

“I will meditate on your precepts and fix my eyes on your ways.” Psalm 119:15 ESV


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I Agree with the outline and your commemt Shaloria. I so needed to read this today, as I continue in preparation of my calling and destiny! I don't want anything to enter my gates that can ultimately distract me or cause hindrance or negatively affect those that I may come in contact with through Ministry.

We should always be prayed up and prepared for whatever comes our way, the devil will us anything and anybody to try to get us to turn around, to cast doubt on our faith, but we serve a mighty God, who has made the ultimate sacrifice for us, we know he will always be there for us and we should never let the enemy cause our faith to waiver...

This further emphasis the point Paul made when he said "all things are lawful, All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.


All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not.

Some people thought I was crazy, the children I had care of included, when I would limit the types of things they could watch on tv. I kept a tight reign and made sure, as best as possible, that I was adhering to the standards I set for them. I know first hand the influence that tv programs, movies, music, and people can have in your life.

In view of some things I've seen and experienced, I'd say that this endeavor is one that we should keep with all diligence. 

I'm thankful that if we are in tune with God, we can hear Him and yield to His leading concerning this, and all things.

*sn* I truly am enjoying the responses and discussions. 

I agree that is why at work they allow us to listen to music but I chose to listen to messages.  I do have Pandora on sometimes listening to praise and worship music.

 Ok. Now I know why I can't look at some shows and listen to music. Also my hubby was telling me about some shows. God was using him, but I was being hard-headed I mush close doors on some T.V shows and open my The Word an Marinate in it.


Thank you Apostle Boatwright, I so want to have a more effective calling and it's things I will absolutely not watch on television and right now I would usually have it on, however the readings are so important to me I didn't turn it on. It has been a discussion in my household many times what is watch and the type of music listened to.   I listen to Pandora also in the mornings to get my praise and devotion on, if you will.

I thank God I have never been excited over watching television. However It is more than television watching that vex my spirit. some books, magazines, bill boards, advertisements, etc. We are in control of our own spirit, and we have to discipline our selves by not allowing certain things that are not conducive to holiness to enter our spirits. Watch and pray the spirit is willing but the flesh is week. Keeping our flesh under subjection. dying daily to the things of the world. Coming out from among them and being separate from the world, being transformed by the things of this world but being transformed by the renewing of our minds. Letting this mind be in us that was also in Christ Jesus, who was obedient to the father, even to his death on the cross, saying never the less not my will, but thy will be done in me Lord. If we truly want to be used by God, operating in our spiritual Gifts ( I did spiritual ) We can't be carnal. There is tooooo much carnality in the church today.  We have been called out. and set apart to bring the church back to God, back to holiness, back to it's rightful place the five-fold ministry of spiritual gifts in the body of Christ. If we want to be all that God need and desire us to be, we have to count up the cost of  what it's going to take to follow JESUS. Not at a distance, but hand in hand. Lord where you lead me I will follow just hold my hand help me make a difference between clean and unclean, Holy and unholy 

 I love the statement "everything that maybe a good thing may not be a GOD thing.

It is important we meditate on Gods word , u should not just read it, but we should allow it to get into our spirit, so later on when the enemy comes at you and battle, you can regurgitate the word, thats why we must watch what we allow into our spirit, because the devil will use trickery to bind your holy spirit.

Amen.  I ministered "Stop Giving the enemy G-14 information."  I had been marinating for far to long with things that worked in opposition to God.  I thank You oh Lord for clarity and for not leaving me to my own demise.  I give You Praise oh Lord for turning my self destruct mode, not only on off but Out.

I needed to read this. I really enjoyex it and it was insightful.

Amen, bless you Sarah, yes this is very insightful and life changing..

Sarah McCurtis said:

I needed to read this. I really enjoyex it and it was insightful.

WOW so true, I ministered a couple of Sunday's ago, this scripture was used and the subject title was failure to thrive. we must meditate on His word. the minute the enemy can catch u off guard he will try to slip u a mickey. We must hide the word in r hearts so we won't sin against Him. it reminds me of Paul speaking in Philippians 4:8. we must meditate and marinate in the word day and night!!!!!

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