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Genesis 2:18 And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.

1. Marriages where communication has broken down. When communication breaks down, it is a sign that bewitchment has set in. Deliverance is therefore needed. It means that the enemy has become a third party in the marriage. It is very unfortunate to know that marriages conducted in Pentecostal churches break down now unlike in the olden days when it was unheard of.

2. Marriages where in-laws have taken over, deliverance is needed.

3. Marriages retained by money. The couple stays together as long as there is money. Immediately there is no money, it breaks down.

4. Regretted marriages. These are situations where partners do not have time for one another.

5. Marriages where both parties are (ACTORS) and (ACTRESSES). They pretend as if things are alright but within, fighting, cursing, and quarreling dominate the relationship. There are many acting husbands and wives.

6. When the marriage has entered into a THIRD PARTY CAGE. That is the home is controlled by a third party. It could be the husband's friends or in-laws.

7. SHALLOW MARRIAGES. This is where there is no true love. The people involved just got married for some purposes.

8. Marriages where there is an ABUSIVE HUSBAND and a STUBBORN WIFE.

9. Marriages where both parties are COMMITTING ADULTERY. The only way a person can be free from this is to remain on fire always.

10. Troubled Marriages. These are situations where you have sicknesses, satanic attacks, surgical operations, children problem, lack of peace etc.

11. Marriages where couples beat and bite one another. Baby husbands beat their wives and baby wives bite their husbands.

12. Polygamous marriages. Anyone who is a product of polygamy needs to go for deliverance. All polygamous marriages need restitution and deliverance.

13. Marriages with the foundation of sex before marriage. If a couple had sex with each other before they were joined in marriage, the marriage would suffer attacks from the enemy because they have offended God. The Bible says that marriage is honorable and the bed must remain undefiled but God will judge adulterers and adulteresses. Once you build the foundation of your marriage on sex before marriage, you will certainly have troubles.

14. Marriages to satanic agents.

15. Marriages with the foundation of accidental pregnancy. When people rush into marriage due to pregnancy, there would be problems.

16. Marriages as a result of demonic consultation.

17. Forced marriages. Marriages where couples were forced into the relationship either by parents or others.

18. Marriages based on tribal sentiments.

19. Marriages as a result of demonic prophecies.

20. Marriages with the foundation of trial and error. Marriages entered into after some samplings have a bad foundation.

21. Marriages with blood covenant.

22. Marriages for the purpose of OBTAINING DOCUMENTS.

23. Couples that have the problem of SPIRIT HUSBAND and SPIRIT WIFE. Such marriages need deliverance.

24. Marriages where the husband (SLEEPS) with his in-laws.

25. Marriages where the couples secretly carry out (ABORTIONS).

26. Marriages where both families never (AGREE) and the couples to are not born again.

Hebrews 13:4 Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.

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