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I'm asking for prayer for myself. I need prayer warriors to stand in the gap with me for prayer. I'm trying to move in faith on somethings God gave me to do. I know he will provide the provision for it to come to pass. I have been in prayer myself. I'm asking for prayer. I have been in a spiritual battle for a while. I'm praying and trusting in God he will get me through this. Please pray for me and my children. Thank you Agape.

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Father God, I Decree and Declare release from the 7th Dimension of the Heavens, on your daughter behalf. I Command New Favor, New Prosperity, New Shalom, Extraordinary Manifestations, and The Favor of God shall surround her like a shield, according to your word. Her set time and hour of Favor have come, according to (Ps 102:3)

This is her day of Ultra Supreme Victory. This week, month, and all year long belongs to her and her family. Everything will go her way, and everything will work out on her behalf. She is a MAGNET for the Blessings of Wealth, Health, and Prosperity Transfers, Oh God, you will Manifest all provision in her life. Bonanzas, Suddenly, Great Increase is in her belly and mouth. She walks in Presidential Favor(just like Joseph) and is a cloud of the Latter RAIN (Prov 16:15). We know that it is already done and completed, and none of these words will fall to the Ground in Jesus name Amen!

Father God in the Name of Jesus, we touch and agree with Prophetess Irene's prayer request. Father God we activate every ArchAngel assigned to her to war in the Spirit on her behalf too. We prophecy, declare and decree that she will continue to step out on Ephesians 3:20. We thank you that she is still holding on to your hands and the dreams you gave to her. We thank you for still keeping her unchanging faith in only you O'Lord. We thank you that as she waits, she is taking notes and doing everything you have commanded her to do so when her set appointed time arrives, everything will be set in order and place. We love our fellow sister in Christ and we speak blessings into her life and her children lives too. In Jesus name we pray, Amen, Amen and Amen.

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