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This is the new, Prayer Request Wall. This wall is for everyone who have any prayer request...

Father God in the name of Jesus We come to right now laying down every weight at the alter, and casting aside every heaviness in the name of Jesus. Oh God, it written in your word Don't worry about anything instead pray about everything, lay our petitions before you; and the peace of God which passes understanding will guard our heart(Philp 4-vs-6-7). Lord, we will trust in you oh God with all of our heart and lean not on our own understanding and acknowledge you in all of our ways, so you can direct out paths in the name of Jesus. Jesus you said, come to you all who are weary and laiden and carry heavy burdens, and you will give us rest in the name of Jesus. Father, we thank you for VICTORY NOW, we thank you for success now over the enemy, over every situation in the name of Jesus. I speak thy KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN OVER OUR LIVES IN THE NAME OF JESUS. God that you will answer every prayer request that is on this wall EXCEEDINGLY AND ABUNDANTLY ABOVE ALL WE CAN ASK OR THINK, ACCORDING TO THE POWER THAT IS WORKING IN US IN THE NAME OF JESUS. We thank you now, God, that it is already done this I DECREE AND DECLARE AND IT IS ESTABLISH IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS. Not one WORD will fall to the ground, it is SO AMEN.....

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All this week, our Ministry Organization has been interceding for our youth. If you desire for us to pray for your children, comment below. In addition, let's start a global wide prayer family, by sharing this post on your page, or with anyone, you know who have a child. Father God, we come to you on the behalf our children. We are parents, who are crying out Abba Father save, heal, free, protect, and cover our children oh God. We Command the Blood of Jesus upon on children from the crown of their heads, to the soul of their feet in the name of Jesus. We Command the blood of Jesus, over our homes, doors, windows, bedrooms, cars, beds, items, crack, crevices, places, and things, anything that is surrounding our children, that is not like you we cast out now in the name of Jesus.
We cast out dagon, chemosh, molech, baal, all imprisionment, suicide, murder-homicide, matricide, patricide, execution-style murders, ambushes, massacres, 
atrocities, beelzebub, death, premature death, sudden death, silent killers, murder-suicide, whiplash, backlash, retaliation, sabotage, fatalities, catastrophes, disasters, havoc, wars, plots, schemes, malice, strife, slavery, racism, whipping, lynching, hanging, tragedies, calamities, trauma, hate, fighting, anger, rage, wrath, tyranny, chaos, decay, rape, molestation, abuse of all kind, and demonic devouring savage beasts in the name of Jesus. We send it all to the dry places in the name of Jesus. We cast all ancient, ancestral, generational curses, habits, cycles, personality traits, demonic paradigm shifts, and addictions in the name of Jesus. Our children will no longer repeat the cycle of our bloodline, and they will line up and come subject to the word of God. We cast out every spoken negative we, or anyone else ever spoken upon our children in their childhood. 
Everything they ever seen, felt, encountered, all the secrets, lies, pain, hurt, guilt, condemnation, and suffering they ever felt, we cast it out now in the name of Jesus. Father God, if we as parents ever experienced any of these things as our children we cast and erase all the memories, from our minds now. Therefore, we can be FREE, Made whole, and complete just like our children oh God. 
We cast out of our children, spirit of fear, paranoia, depression, mental illness, ptsd, phobia, stress, lunatic spirit, worry, doubt, unbelief, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, nervousness, terror, torment, demonic oppression, all mental illness, and antichrist spirit in the name of Jesus. We cast out every succubus, incubus, morpheus the nightmare demon, asmodeus the demon of lust, athaliah, adonijah, delphi, abaddon, babylon, python, and demonic highjackers in the name of Jesus. We send these spirits to the dry places, never to arise again in the name of Jesus. No weapon form against your children, oh God shall not prosper, in the name of Jesus. Greater the Power, Anointing, and Authority in us, than anything in the world, that is attacking our children. 
Our children are healed, FREE, made whole, and complete. They are the Timothy Generation, and they are our future to walk in Success. We Decree and Declare Victory over our children all the days of their lives. 
Not one word, comma, or period will fall to the ground, We shall see Kingdom Manifestations, Divine HEALING, and Miracles in our children lives because the Lord of Host said SO in Jesus name Amen.
#IAmARuby #GodInMeRealm #OurChildrenAreChosenToProsper

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