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Prayers and Decrees for April 2012...-By Apostle John Eckhardt...- 4-1-12...

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    I believe and receive the blessing of the Lord that makes rich and adds no sorrow for the month of April.
    The month of April will be another LEAP MONTH for me in this LEAP YEAR of 2012.
    I will LEAP into the blessings of God this month of April.
    I decree breakthroughs and bonanzas for this month of April.
    Let my days be ordered of the Lord in the month of April.
    Let new things be released for my life in the month of April. 
    Let April be the beginning of new revelation and let new mercy and grace be released upon my life in the month of April.
    Let all the assignments of hell for my life be cancelled this month, and let irreversible blessings be released in my life this month in the name of Jesus.
    Let April, 2012, be a blessed month for my life, and let me enjoy each day that has been made by the Lord.
    Let the days of April be like the days of heaven on earth for me in the name of Jesus. 
    Let joy, peace, and righteousness, overflow in my life in the month of April.
    I will praise and worship you Lord in this month for you are worthy. You have created all things for your pleasure, and this month has been created for your glory.
    Let salvation, deliverance, and healing miracles be released throughout the month of April, and let the nations be touched by your glory.
    Let me walk in your wisdom throughout the month of April, and let my decisions be correct, and let me continually walk in your Word throughout the month of April.

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Love this

Amen. I love it as well...

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Love this

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