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Propel Bible Faith Revelation: Faith is a book of God's word being established in our lives. It is a written statement and legal document (mean it is a binding contract) of his word being true and accurate, in every single word. Faith is when our gifts, breath God's word into the Universe, by Declaration, Visualization, Decreeing, thinking(with our imagination) affirmation, prophecy, prayer, worship, praying in the spirit (heavenly language) commanding, demanding it, and teaching it into the land(Realms). Faith is confidential top secret confirmation, of what our minds, subconscious mind ( which is our hearts), souls, and spirits already understand who God is, and what his word mean as it already being DONE and COMPLETED. Faith is a Manifestation(Kingdom Philosophy) Kingdom Shifting, changing, movement, and Impartation of our psychological Connection with God at every moment of the day. With him having Faith and a trust in us as his children to carry out his word in the Kingdom of Heaven and Manifest his Glory in the Universe. Faith is a Domain address of walking in the Trinity Supremacy and being able to see the word of God Manifest Suddenly in our lives, and everyone else lives miraculously, bountifully, that we are connected too. Faith is when God is showing us his promises on a consistent basis, of we are not seeing in the spirit, that we are his number one promise, he made to Abraham. Faith is a license as when we drive, get married, run a business, get a concealed weapon, fish, a pet, or even minister professionally you need this license to establish all these great things. This is what our faith in the God is a Kingdom is, an appeal of his word being law in the Universe, and our lives. Faith is medicine, it is a daily prescription, injection, and infusion of God's word flowing through our veins. It is his word being established into a living soul of what he have spoken thousands of years ago. Faith is the maximum brilliance that the human mind could ever fathom. It is deeper than the placebo effect, it is the positive Success of your Kingdom belief instantaneously in the Universe. Faith is the greatest algebraic study ever been invented because it connects geometric patterns, formulas, graphs, lines, equations, and algorithms in a way that no mathematician have ever seen. Faith is an endorsement that distributes benefit packages, severance packages, and retro compensations packages of anything you need, want or desire because of your Faith. Faith is better than eating Wheaties, it is the true breakfast of champions. It allows you to win without even knowing you have won. Faith allows us to win in our sleep battles, we do not know or understand, the different attacks we are under. How about this Faith allow us to become a Kingdom Dimensional FBI (Faith Brings Increase-or-Faith Blesses Instantaneously) agents? When battles we are not even equipped for- or have not been taught about, however, because of our faith God allows us to win no matter what. Because we are new agents in the Kingdom of God. Walking and living in Faith allow us to be connected to God in new dimensions that will immediately transform our lives expeditiously. On page(50-61) of P®OPEL Kingdom Dimension Bible. May you never thirst again Agape.

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