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CHARACTER—who you are becoming on the inside. Your character forms the “root” of your ministry. “The root of the righteous yields fruit” (Proverbs 12-vs-12). Your effectiveness is the fruit. Ministries can be “successful” for a season on energy and gifts but a leader whose gifts outweighs his character will eventually falter. Apart from character, ministry is merely religious activity. Character is the foundation for effective leadership. Your effectiveness in ministry will be an overflow of who you are and who you are is the single most important aspect you of your ministry. Character is comprised of honesty- -conforming our words to what is true, integrity– conforming our lives to our words–our “yes” is “yes,” consistency, loyalty, discipline, and allowing God to conform us to the image of Christ through His Spirit and Word–all developed over time. In most other professions character is optional. In ministry, it is indispensable.

FAITH—believing and responding to God. A leader can be developing in his character and skills yet without faith he will not be effective. (Psalm 78-vs-9) says that “the men of Ephraim were equipped with bows yet turned back in the day of battle.” They had the skills–they were great shots but they did not have the faith to go forward in the day of battle. Faith is the indispensable ingredient to effectiveness.

SKILLS—the “how-to's” of your job. A leader can exhibit strong sanctified character and not be effective because he hasn’t developed the skills required to do the job. (Psalm 78-vs-72) says that King David “shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart and guided them with a skillful hand.” (Proverbs 22-vs-29) says, “Do you see a man skilled in his work, he will stand before kings…” Ministry skills, people skills, communication skills, administrative skills and leadership skills all need to be developed and honed. What things do you need to learn in order to reach your goals? Growth always involves learning new skills. Leading is learning. Work to become an expert at the job of being a team leader in the kingdom of God.


THE IMPORTANT components of your job as a leader are the “right things” that must be done in order to be effective over the long-haul. Although they may not even be written in your job description as a leader in the Kingdom of God. They are of utmost importance because they contribute to the accomplishment of your mission, your values, and ultimately define who you will become as a person and leader. Important things rarely scream for your attention or seem urgent. They are often difficult to measure and can be neglected for a time without any harm. However, if these are neglected over a period of time you will not have the personal resources to lead your ministry. Practically speaking, the important aspects of your job have to do with development of learning who you are and how to utilize your gifts.

a) Developing, renewing, and restoring your relationship with God. This is your daily time meeting with God, in His Word and prayer. We cannot engage in spiritual warfare without sufficient spiritual resources. You need time to recharge your spiritual batteries–to refill the well from which you minister. If your responsibilities are greater than your resources, you will slowly burn out. Genuinely walking with the Lord is not merely important but it is essential to everything we are and do.

b) Developing your relationships with those who are most important to you–your wife,husband, children, friends, ministerial team,and disciples. You cannot neglect those closest to you in your quest to reach the kingdom of God or world.

c) Developing your mind. Reading, studying, reflecting, thinking are important aspects of your gift. When you stop learning, you stop growing. Remember, you are not developing your mind simply to grow personally but also to be a more effective resource and minister to others.

d) Developing your skills. It is never a waste of time for a woodcutter to sharpen his ax.

e) Developing your vision and plan. You cannot effectively lead without knowing from God where you should be doing and going.

Isn’t it interesting that, under pressure, the first thing to go is our time with the Lord, then time with those who are most important to us? We need to learn to eliminate those things at the bottom of the list of important things rather than those things at the top.

THE URGENT. The important had to do with doing “the right things.” The necessary had to do with doing “things right.” The urgent has to do with doing things “right now.” These are the fires that need to be put out–things which require our immediate attention–crisis,  conflicts, emergencies, deadlines, etc. Urgent things are part and parcel of the job. They are “the tyranny of the urgency of the hour.” There is a difference between dealing with the urgent and being controlled by them. As one man wisely stated, “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of those things which matter least. We react to the urgent but we need to consciously act to accomplish the important. 

Allow God to lead you, and focus on the giver, and not the gifts, and that is when your gifts will allow you to flow. 

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This helped a lot because we lack integrity sometime when in leadership. We have to do the right thing even when no one is looking because God sees all.

I know I must possess CHARACTER remaining loyal, consistent, and discipline. AT ALL TIMES!!

FAITH is definitely an essential in this walk, which requires believing & responding to God.  I must maintain various skills such as communications skill, know how to listen nurture & encourage. Know when & how to organize and always walk as an example: breathing "true life" into the ministry.  By "PRACTICING WHAT U PREACH"!!         

WE MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER TO PUT GOD FIRST!! Don't forget about your love ones!! Through consistently acquiring a relationship with God.

Continue to "MARINATE" on his word & meditating with him. 

Blessings Sarah, and Gwen, what did you read from this post, that really stood out to you? How would you apply it to your life and your walk in ministry? Explain Why?

Praise the Lord !this is really good teaching . I  like the part where it says, although some things are not written in my Job description it is important to contribute to the accomplishments of our mission values and ultimately define who will you become as a Leader or  a Person. Also we need time to refresh, renew recharge and get ready for the next ministering. always making sure that WE ARE hearing GODS voice every step of the way. I would defenitely start to structure my time management better in order to continue to develop my mind . Scheduling sufficient time for reading,studying ,reflecting, thinking about important aspects of my gift. and assure that the most important relationships with my husband and children and friends, Ministers and all the women that i mentor. i agree with SARAH MCURTIS we have to do the right thing when no one is looking.

Who we are... our character is the root of our ministry

Character being the foundation of an effective ministry.. not works, religion or tradition!

Letting God continue to train me up.. Thank you Jesus! Train me ;)

Putting things in order by priority is key. Its hard to accomplish things when priority and/or order isn't present.

When you develop good character, you can become a good and effective leader.

To God be the glory!

I enjoyed reading this post. I like what you said about developing a relationship with those who are most important.  I had to understand this the hard way. I always wanted to be in the house of the Lord, it was to the point that I was going to revival after revival coming in the house late. I didn't get to see my kids off to bed, nor my husband. Then one day my son cried when I left, he said "mommy why do you have to always leave?" This did something to me. The Holy Ghost convicted me right then. I began to feel bad. even my relationship with my husband was becoming rocky. I had good intentions when I was going to church just about every night, but the way I was going about it was showing my husband (who is a non-believer) that God was a God who separates. WRONG thing to do. God let me know that my ministry starts at home first!!  So to make a long story short I've with the help of the Holy Spirit have learned to find a balance.

I like the urgent, to know the difference. Because there has been times when I allowed people to control or demand that it was urgent . And that caused me to be stressed out or miss out on something God had for me. I allowed their urgency become mine and in the end it was even a urgency. This really spoke to me.

When we understand that our gift were given by God and it is He who controls them we will flow better. Simply because we have given it all to God and allowing Him to do what he has designed  your gift for. In order to sharpen your gift you must walk and work in your gift. Just like a earthly job we go to school and then find employment in that field. Same in the spiritual realm we go to school, get trained, work in our gift and find a position that fits our gift but remember if we decide to go out on our own we are setting ourselves up to be fired off the job. Title before training is a dangerous thing.

I think we should continue to develop our minds, body and souls by studying and living the word.  Digging deep to understand what it takes to have an effective ministry without neglecting our families.  Praying and putting God first in everything we do will help us accomplish our goals.

Following God should be priority in our work. If we follow God and the Holy Spirit we should maintain focus and not being led astray by false prophets.

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