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All Platinum Ruby University Classroom Pages (267)

Dunamis by Seer Jane Hamon 4 Comments

Habakkuk 3:19 (AMP) The Lord God is my Strength, my personal bravery, and my invincible army; He makes my feet like hinds' feet and will make me to walk [not to stand still in terror, but to wal… View »

Zion is giving birth to the Storehouse(This reading is 60%) of your grade by Prophetess Julia 5 Comments

As I write this I am completely in awe of God. He is indeed a faithful God who declares the end from the beginning.  The Treasury Room and the Currency of Heaven There is one part in particular… View »

Tehillim 24(Ps 24) 3 Comments

Tehillim 24Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB) 24 long, forever). (Mizmor of Dovid) Ha’aretz is Hashem’s, and the fullness thereof; the tevel (world), and they that dwell therein. 2 For He hath fou… View »

Sign(Miracles) 2 Comments

SIGN OT WORDS ’oÑt [twOa, H0226] twOa ’oÑt is a significant term in the Old Testament occurring around eighty times with primary reference to a “sign,” or “miracle.” The term’s field of meaning rang… View »

Glory 3 Comments

GLORY OT WORDS kaÝboÑd [dwObK;, H3519] dwObK; kaÝboÑd means “glory” in most of the 200 contexts in which it is found. Associated with the meaning “glory” is the idea of “honor,” which is found app… View »

Eight 3 Comments

EIGHT, EIGHTEEN, EIGHTH OT WORDS shemiÑniÑ [yniymiv], H8066] This term translates the ordinal form of the numeral “eight.” It is found approximately thirty times with this meaning. It primarily refe… View »

Clothe 3 Comments

CLOTHE OT WORDS laÝbash [vbæl;, H3847] This verb occurs a little over one hundred times in the Old Testament and means “to clothe” or “put on (garments, etc.),” in both a literal and metaphorical se… View »

Bless, Blessed, Blessings 3 Comments

BLESS, BLESSED, BLESSING OT WORDS baÝrak [ËræB;, H1288] The phenomenon of “blessing” in the Old Testament is rich and varied in its expression. The most common term is this verbËræB; baÝrak, along w… View »

Angel 3 Comments

ANGEL OT WORDS mal’aÝk [Ëa;l]mæ, H4397] The principal word for “angel” in the Old Testament isËa;l]mæ mal’aÝk, although the word itself primarily means “messenger.” This term refers to both the hum… View »


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