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The courses, training opportunities, and materials, as well as instructions, are intended for educational purposes. They are neither designed to give legal advice nor take the place of appropriate legal, professional, or medical consultation. As laws vary from State to State and from, Country/Providence to Country /Province, participants are advised to discuss any specific question(s) with the proper authority (ies). The purpose of this information is to equip learners to more fully understand the needs of individuals, and to be able to offer motivational, inspirational, and supportive information.

Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors, and Teachers, are not only Spiritual Governors, they are entrepreneurs, and philanthropists, business owners, authors, screenwriters, poets, singers/Psalmist, construction owners, fishermen, farmer owner, advisors, and much more. Stop allowing yourself to believe you will not be Successful and prosperous. You were chosen to be extremely Wealthy. It is Written: Honor, the Lord your God, in everything that you do. For it is him, who deposits into you new ideas, witty inventions, for attracting money, an abundance of wealth, dimensional supremacy, kingdom power, and infinite prosperity into your life. It is his oath, and decree to manifest the covenant he promised to your ancestors.(Deut 8:18 PKDB). Tabitha was a philanthropist, and an Apostle/Disciple. It is Written: In Joppa, there was a woman, a disciple/apostle named Tabitha[in Aramaic] which [in Greek] means Dorcas. She was extremely abundant in good deeds, donations, giving good gifts, wealth and multiple acts of charity/love, unto everyone in her city. (Acts 9:36 PKDB) We were Designed by God, to be a blessing to other people lives all over the world. We are Chosen Instruments to be used to SHIFT the Kingdom in Finances, Wealth, and Riches. Walk in your Wealthy place right now, and live the life you dream. May you all have a Wonderful, Win-Win, Wisdom Compels Wealth Wednesday on Purpose on Purpose Agape. May you never this again, available soon in all online bookstores, and bookstores nationwide. P®OPEL Kingdom Dimension Bible(PKDB)

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