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Tuesday Morning Manna Questions? Thoughts+Faith+Action=Results (Thing's). Every single thing we have in our homes, on our bodies, in our vehicles, on our job's/business, Ministries, the store's we shop at, the restaurant we eat at, social media, or the technology we use. Was all Manifested from a thought first. What are you thinking? Are you going to take action on your thought process? Are you going to do regular broadcast as usual? Why are you not making History? Why not you, you are the perfect person for the job? Do you want something sweet, are you eating your M&M's(Making Moves, Millennium Manifestations, and Monublissfull Movements)? Meditate on (James 2:14-26). Become the New Action Hero, that everyone is talking about, Selah(pause, think about it, and meditate on that). May you have a Tremendously Blessed, the Universe is Transferring everything you like to have, and desire Tuesday on Purpose Agape~
#IAmARuby #GodInMeRealm #NewvemberBlessings

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