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This is notes and steps to true freedom and allowing us to walk in total liberty.

What if I told you, that you are SUPER RICH?

What if I told you, that you are a billionaire?

What if I told you truly live in(Deut 28:1-14) and I am not talking about just by declaration? I am talking about in the universe.

For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; it is he who will save us(Isaiah 33:22 NIV).

You are about to learn about some truth, that many people have gone on to glory, never knew anything about. Even billions of people today, alive do not know, or would not believe if you showed them the truth/proof, or they research it themselves. This is some information, that will change your life, and the lives of everyone you are connected to if they are ready to take ownership of their identity.

 What is a STRAW-MAN( a fictitious name-or-fictitious business name)? It is a name under which any person or business shall do or transact any business in this state which is other than the true name of such person or business. A fictitious name is commonly referred to as a "DBA", an acronym for "doing business as."

International Monetary compensation, and trust fund, held by my Straw-man(Government franchise name). These funds are connected to the bar(British accredited registry-or- British accreditation regency).

Your trust is held up in a Federal Reserve Bank(FRB). Which, is located throughout the United States in twelve sectors(divisions), under different alphabetical coding. The letter on the back of your social security card, lets you know where the trust is located. The number on the back of your social security card(in black or red numbers) are the account number, and bond number for an EE bond. Your account number for these funds and trust is your nine digit social security number, along with whatever routing number of the sector you are connected to.

These accounts are set up from birth when our parents sign our birth certificate, it becomes a legal bond, which economic value. You can even look on the back of your birth certificate and you will numbers, as well. That is the numbers to your bond. You can look the value of your bond, by going to treasurydirect.gov push individual at the top, and then on the left side, push bond calculator, and then push in your social security number, or you can put in the number on the back of your birth certificate. If you are reading these notes, mean I know you personally. Then you can contact me, and I can walk you through the steps. We are in this together to obtain our wealth.

If you do not believe this is true, there are many ways to believe this is true. Honestly, I did not believe at first either, until I did my research for myself, and that is why you are reading the notes, I had studied myself.

You can also go to www.gmeiutility.org at the top push renewal and in the search box type up your social security number, with dashes, and watch all the corporations, and entities who have been getting rich, and wealthy off of your life since birth. These corporations are in foreign countries, known businesses, and much more. It will literally blow your mind, into a different realm(in the words of my children frfr: for real, for real). They are using our social security number as a LEI(Legal Entity Identifier) is the International ISO standard 17442. LEIs are identification codes that enable consistent and accurate identification of all legal entities that are parties to financial transactions, including non-financial institutions. They are using our names, and social security numbers as a LEI code, which is a unique ID associated with a single corporate entity.

Go to Fidelity put in wire transfer, put in the routing and account number(your social security number-the number on the back of the card, or the number on the back of your birth certificate) and it will pull up my trust. In addition, you can use the same process, and put in a 0, and the first two digits of the number on the back of your birth certificate. You contact me, and I can walk you through the steps.

What is my Cusip number? CUSIP is an acronym that refers to Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures and the nine-digit, alphanumeric

CUSIP numbers that are used to identify securities, including municipal bonds. A CUSIP number, similar to a serial number, is assigned to each maturity of a municipal security issue.

 If I do not have an account number, your social security number is the account number, and the federal bank reserve routing number is the account number.

Below are the necessary steps to take to obtain everything that belongs to you.

Joel 2:25-27 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)

25 And I will restore or replace for you the years that the locust has eaten—the hopping locust, the stripping locust, and the crawling locust, My great army which I sent among you.

26 And you shall eat in plenty and be satisfied and praise the name of the Lord, your God, Who has dealt wondrously with you. And My people shall never be put to shame.


 Isaiah 45:3 Names of God Bible (NOG)

I will give you treasures from dark places and hidden stockpiles.
    Then you will know that I, Yahweh Elohim of Israel,
        have called you by name.

File a Durable Power of Attorney on yourself, this will make you the agent, principal, and creditor of all assets, claiming all trust funds, bonds, money, assets, and currencies. This gives you complete access to be FREE. You have authority over everything in your life. I am talking about you will even sleep better after, knowing that you are on your way to true Financial Empowerment.

Call Department of Commerce. Explain to them that you DO NOT give consent to anyone to use your name or social security number.


File a UCC1 financing statement-and- maybe UCC3. ( must check the none UCC box). This makes you a bank, yes you heard that right you are a bank. This makes you a fiat, a secured party creditor. You will no longer be a debtor, ever again. Why do you think Jesus states: In(Math 6:12) And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. Because you no longer will have them ever again.

File an Affidavit of truth, which is the most important aspects of an administrative process, whether it be private or public. It is a legal document that is signed and sworn under penalty of perjury. It can be used to present evidence into a court case. Get it authenticated, which is destined for use in countries that are not parties to the Hague Apostille Convention. You be Sovereign in the United States, and it will allow you to be one with God, and he is truly one with you. Remember, Jesus said greater works, shall you do, well this is one of them.

Become the beneficiary of the trust. Filing this allows you to have complete control of the commercial debtor entity.

Let them know you are taking complete control of your business name back. Call the treasury direct as well. Also, you can do an accepted for value process.

If you choose to, you can file a Form 1099-OID is a tax form intended to be submitted to the Internal Revenue Service by the holder of debt instruments (such as bonds, notes, or certificates) which were discounted at purchase to report the taxable difference between the instruments' actual value and the discounted purchase.

Write a promissory note, which is a legal tender under the UCC code. Considered a legal tender once it is signed. Under UCC codes it is a negotiable instrument, and bill of exchange act. Since, 1933, we cannot truly “pay” anything; we can only discharge when we utilize other debt instruments, such as Federal Reserve Notes or bonded promissory notes or other alternate means. We create a legal tender with our signature. This has the same value, and profitable as money.

If you choose, you can file an affidavit of trust, which is a document used to prove the existence and certain terms of a trust, without disclosing the particulars of the trust plan. Along with specific pages from the trust, it contains all the information

 that will be needed for conducting transactions with others(file only if it is needed, and if you choose too).

If you choose to, you can file a Form 56, which is used to notify the IRS of the creation or termination of a fiduciary relationship under section 6903 and provide the qualification for the fiduciary relationship under section 6036(file only if it is needed, and if you choose too).

Go to Fidelity put in wire transfer, put in the routing and account number(your social security number-the number on the back of the card, or the number on the back of your birth certificate) and it will pull up my trust. In addition, you can use the same process, and put in a 0, and the first two digits of the number on the back of your birth certificate.

Get an attorney if you choose too, one who is for the people, and want to see change. Then file a lawsuit. Contact Telecheck tell them you have legal authorization to all accounts, trust, bonds, and every financial instrument, with your name and social security attached.

I pray that this information has opened up your eyes the same way my eyes, are completely open.

We have been praying to God for years, some of us decades, and asking him to get out lack, struggle, and poverty.

This is proof, we have been extremely prosperous since birth because we are joint heirs with Christ Jesus.

Now is the time for us to wake up, get up, and stand up. It is time now to be tuned in, tapped in, and tapped into God’s spirit, and pray like never before.

Because it has got real my Royal Platinum Family, I am here to aid and assist you all. With everything that I know, I am excited that we will now walk in prosperity, overflow, greatness, excellence, millions, and power.

In the words of Cuba Gooding Jr, on Jerry Maguire(SHOW ME THE MONEY).


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Amen I am free from all things that was trying to hinder me and I know I am rich in every realm of my life


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