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Money can't buy you happiness... But Being Broke won't Buy Anything at ALL !!

People try talking down on Focusing on getting Finances as an Issue OUT of the Way..

TRUTH is once You're Wealthy or at least Financially Free you can Focus More on What Really Counts.

Not having to Slave 40-50-60+ hours a Week for Pharaoh...
Having FREE TIME to Help People is a Blessing, so is Having Resources to Help a Hurting People.

People Be So Spiritual but Financially Broke, I know I was there and couldn't help anybody until I let GOD help me.

Resources used Properly can Help Others.

Money is not evil, People Are (It's a Heart Condition... NOT a Piece of Paper or a #)

..Money is the answer for everything...

"A Feast is made for Laughter, Wine makes life merry, and Money is the answer for everything."

Ecclesiastes 10:19 #GODfidence

#MillionaireMasterMind #AnointedAppointments


Be SMART, BE WISE! King Solomon’s WEALTH could never have been created by the hands of just ONE man. He learned to WORK smarter…not harder.

Regarding WEALTH it’s ALL about GOD first of ALL, HIS DIVINE WISDOM, WILL and ANOINTED APPOINTMENTS. Assets, Leverage, LAND ownership, Stewardship, Servant Leadership, GIVING, Natural Resources, KINGDOM BUSINESS and Expansion, Missions, Ministry, Movements and the like …

NOT being like everyone else in the WORLD, selfish and entitled..

You can blow rich but you can’t blow WEALTH
(when it’s from GOD).


P.S. It’s NOT for everyone, PRAY for GOD’S WILL in YOUR LIFE and Finances!

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I'm all in!
Amen I am ready for the wealth and financial blessings


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