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Wealthlistic Triune Financial

This is our online newspaper classroom, where you can learn and obtain God's Promises, from the Heavens, and the Universe/earth Realm. You will obtain resources, information, Kingdom bequest, Heavenly endowment, mailbox blessings, bonanza's, guarantee settlement, secure Heritage, savings, grants, grant proposals writing, book authors, book publishing, professional writing, fundraisers, stocks, bonds, ETF, dividends, compounding, Entrepreneurship strategies, Angel Investors, Investors, crowdfunding, multiple assets of God's word and Kingdom Success.

My God(Elo-Him) will supply(offer, give, provide, donate, grant,
disburse, fund, and contribute) all of our needs(everything in life). According(to
grant our request) to his riches(wealth, capital, and heavenly kingdom resources)
Prestige, Magnificence and Glory through Christ Jesus( Our Savior)-( Philippians 4:19 PKDB). 

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Live LIFE(Live In Financial Enrichment)


Are you connected to the WIFI(Wealth Is Financial Increase)?

What is your desire, what are your dreams, what are your goals, and what are your plans? Make them happen, by getting out the boat, and walking on the water.

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Freedom Notes

Started by Apostle T-(Teyshana) Wiley.... Last reply by Eagle Eye Prophetess Lapresha on Monday. 1 Reply

FREEDOM NOTES: FREEDOM%20NOTES%208-7-17%20PDF.pdfThis is notes and…Continue

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I Am God's Gifted

Started by Apostle T-(Teyshana) Wiley.... Last reply by Eagle Eye Prophetess Lapresha on Monday. 1 Reply

Propel Night Manna: I am God's Gifted. I am Married. I am a Property Owner. I am a…Continue

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Truth about Creditors

Started by Apostle T-(Teyshana) Wiley.... Last reply by Eagle Eye Prophetess Lapresha on Monday. 1 Reply


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New freedom

Started by Apostle T-(Teyshana) Wiley.... Last reply by Eagle Eye Prophetess Lapresha on Monday. 1 Reply

"Federal Reserve Notes or "Dollars" are NOT backed by gold and silver anymore. Today's dollars are backed by bonds which are backed by your birth certificate which is backed by the Corporation of the UNITED STATES ability to tax you. Debt is…Continue

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I Am Everything God say I Am Declaration

Started by Apostle T-(Teyshana) Wiley.... Last reply by Eagle Eye Prophetess Lapresha on Monday. 1 Reply

•Repeat this daily, and watch God Shift your life•I Am An Electrical-star• I Am a Magnetic…Continue

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The Five C's of Credit

Started by Apostle T-(Teyshana) Wiley.... Last reply by Eagle Eye Prophetess Lapresha on Monday. 1 Reply

The Five C’s Worksheet Directions: Identify the following factor descriptions to their corresponding C of credit.The five C’s are listed below: CapacityCapitalCollateralCharacterConditionsCapacity to repay is the most critical of the five factors,…Continue

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Comment by Apostle T-(Teyshana) Wiley... on April 19, 2017 at 8:39am
The Millionaire MasterMind Manifesto:

1. I know that I have the ability to achieve the Object of my Definite Purpose in Life therefore I demand of myself Persistent continuous action toward its attainment and I hereby Promise to render such action.

2. I realize the dominating thoughts of my MIND will eventually reproduce themselves in outward physical action and gradually transform themselves into physical reality. Therefore I will concentrate my thoughts for 30 minutes DAILY upon the task of THINKING of the Person I intend to become thereby creating in my mind a clear mental picture of my Future.

3. I know through the Principle of auto suggestion any desire that I persistently hold in my MIND will eventually seek expression through some practical means of attaining the object. Therefore I will devote 10 minutes DAILY to demanding of myself the development of #GODfidence to bring my goals to fruition.

4. I have clearly written down a description of my definite Chief Aim in Life and I will never stop trying until I shall have Achieve it.

I will succeed by Attracting to myself the forces I wish to Become and Becoming that which I intend to Attract.

I will eliminate hatred envy jealousy selfishness and cynicism by developing LOVE for ALL Humanity because I know that a negative attitude toward others will never bring me Success. I want others to believe in me because I will Believe in GOD that dwells in them.

Donnie Trump | #Manifesto

#LegacyOverCurrency #MillionaireMasterMind
Comment by Apostle T-(Teyshana) Wiley... on April 16, 2017 at 10:44am

Pay your debts as they come due. However, one debt you can never finish paying is the debt of love that you owe each other. The one who loves another person has fulfilled Moses’ Teachings.

Romans 13:8 NOG

Comment by Apostle T-(Teyshana) Wiley... on April 14, 2017 at 10:33pm
4 Brackets of Net Worth
Let me explain net worth to you in a completely different way. Today, net worth is 4 different brackets:

• Money
• Health
• Skill
• Influence & Voice

Money is a byproduct of the other three, not the other way around. It comes because of your health, skill, influence and voice. Money is just one aspect of your net worth. A person could be very wealthy, but if he’s dying, he can no longer apply his skill set. He also no longer has influence and voice because he can’t speak any more. At that point, the money doesn’t mean Anything.

By Abhishek Birajdar #MillionaireMasterMind
Comment by Apostle T-(Teyshana) Wiley... on March 31, 2017 at 8:15pm
A painting was dropped while being transported to the auction house. The artist didnt include it in the auction because the damage was too severe. He put it face backwards in the corner of the auction house. A Billionaire arrived to the auction late after everything was sold. He noticed the torn painting in the corner. He asked the artist what happened to it. The billionaire made an offer for it which was worth more than his entire collection. The Billionaire said "It was dropped, damaged, & torn along the way But It Still Made It Here." You may have been dropped by friends or hurt in a relationship, But You Made It!
Comment by Apostle T-(Teyshana) Wiley... on March 26, 2017 at 9:45pm
150 GameStop Stores closing...
250 Abercrombie & Cros stores closing...
190 JC Penney & Sears stores closing...
450 Payless stores closing...
66 Macy's stores closing...
171 Wetseal stores closing...
108 Kmart stores closing...

Think about this….
• Uber is the largest transportation provider in the U.S. but doesn't own a single car, bus, or train...
• AIRBNB is now the largest hotel company in the world, but doesn't own a single hotel...
• Amazon just passed Wal-Mart as the nation's BIGGEST retailer and they own zero stores.
Jobs are vanishing. And the Internet and e-com is taking over right when E-Currency is starting to make the break through to mainstream!

2017 is only 3 months in and I've made more this year than all of 2016 in my BRAND NEW E-Currency business. Why do I tell you this? Because you can do it TOO! Being a pessimist is one thing. Ignoring reality is another. Comment "more info" below or reach out if you would like to join arms with us!
Comment by Apostle T-(Teyshana) Wiley... on March 24, 2017 at 3:43pm

am Blessed In the cities. I am Blessed in the fields. I am Blessed when I come and when I go. I am the head and not the tail. Above and not beneath. I am the lender from this day and never again be the borrower. I am Blessed in season and Blessed out of season. I am Blessed every second-minute-hour. I am Blessed every week-month-and-all year long. I am Blessed in the rain and in the storm. I am Blessed in the Day and the Night. I am Blessed when I am awake and when I am asleep. I am Blessed when I walk because the Lord orders my footsteps. I am Blessed because my shadow is tremendously trifectally Blessed, and everything I touch is too. I am Blessed when I am young, and when I am old.
•Because the righteous will never be forsaken nor they seed begging bread. I am Blessed because, in a famine, I will have more than enough, and I shall be satisfied. I am Blessed in the struggle because I am in the season of possession, and I am taking ownership of Gods promise. I am Blessed when I fall because the Lord always raises me up, no matter what. I am Blessed when people talk about me because I am walking in greatness and Monublissfully Favor is my birthright. I am Blessed if I am a man-or-woman because my God is not a Lord of a respected person. I am Greatness. I am Healed. I am made whole and complete. I am a Magnet for the Blessings of God. I am Royalty. I am Wealthy. I am Prosperous. I am Successful and I am a Worshiper not matter what the outward conditions are. Not one word will fall to the ground because I am Commanding the Universe and Heavens to give me what I Decree. Because my mouth is a(Gateway to Manifestations) in Jesus name Amen On page(91) of P®OPEL Kingdom Dimension Bible.
#PropelKingdomDimensionBible #IAmARuby

Comment by Apostle T-(Teyshana) Wiley... on March 24, 2017 at 3:30pm

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You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.
You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.
People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.
Comment by Apostle T-(Teyshana) Wiley... on March 24, 2017 at 12:34am

Listening is a magnetic and a creative force. People who listen are those we find ourselves moving toward. They project a calm confidence.

Comment by Apostle T-(Teyshana) Wiley... on March 22, 2017 at 8:03pm

Wealth is when, you are a blessing to someone else, and they pass it on to someone else. Then it brings joy, love, and laughter to the individual soul. #IAmARuby #WealthlisticTriune

Comment by Apostle T-(Teyshana) Wiley... on March 22, 2017 at 8:02pm

7 Money Habits of Highly Wealthy People • READ | SHARE | DO !!!

There are 7 Money skills that Wealthy People are Great at. When you gain control with the following 7 Money habits, you'll be in good company with Millionaires!

1. Value. They value each dollar bill they earn as a money seed. They know that every dollar appropriately planted can grow into millions of dollars.

2. Control. They know where every penny of their money goes. Here are some things they do when they spend money. They shop for the best value, ask for and expect discounts, examine receipts for mistakes, and turn expenses in tax-deductible business expenses where possible, track their spending and their checkbook, and file receipts.

3. Save. Millionaires and wealthy people save money by spending wisely. They also set aside a portion of their money automatically for savings.

4. INVEST! The Wealthy have MANY systems for investing their money.
(DIVERSIFY AS WELL, See Ecclesiastes Chapter 11)

5. Earn. Wealthy people have multiple income streams and residual income outside of their jobs.

6. Shield. Millionaires and wealthy people shield themselves with insurance, trusts, corporations, non-profit's, LLCs and other legal entities.

7. Share. True wealthy people are usually very generous, giving away at least 10% of their income to their churches, ministries, charities, non-profits, and other good causes. Giving is an act of abundance that demonstrates your faith, and belief that you have more than enough to meet your own needs.

Donnie Trump

#BizTipTuesday √


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