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I Am You

I am you.

I am a visionary leader of the new age. My decisions impact the lives of
millions of people as I willingly accept the responsibility of a new
benevolent financial system. My ideals are fortified and my vision is fluid
as I recognize my power and release my limitations.

I have survived bondage and I have freed my mind. I do not take for granted
this precious gift afforded me by our spiritual benefactors. I boldly take
this next step forward refusing to look back. I shake off my former
identity as a slave to debt, fear, and worry.

I embody an attitude of quiet confidence, embracing a lifestyle that
empowers me to lead in a way that serves the greater good while still being
humble and open to correction.

The endeavor ahead will be not to amass more wealth but to distribute that
wealth to those in need, expeditiously, using discernment, and with the
support of an excellent team.

My life is driven by purpose and my plans are precise. I recognize the need
to not only put to use my own wealth but to support others to do the same.
I embrace my role as a philanthropic conduit for creative giving, an
engineer of impact investing, and a unifying source for benevolent business

I am dedicated to changing the perception, execution, and reality of
successful business practices and philanthropy. I influence the development
of new technologies, products, and services; mass media; health care; and
art and music. I establish organizations that measure their success based
on the quality of their projects and the impact they have on people and the

My practice is driven by the relentless pursuit of spiritual integration
with impactful idealism to manifest infinite possibilities.

I am a creator of change, a testimony of integrity, and an ambassador of
truth. In the execution of this mission, I know who I am. And I stand
strongly upon the foundation of that being.

I am you.

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