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Irene Jones's Blog (11)

'What is in your spiritual House" ?

2nd Kings 4: vrs 1-6

What do you have in your house?  We can use this scripture and make our house our spiritual temple. What do you have from God that can be used for…


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I’m deciding to do better with my walk in Christ.

Deciding to go for my dreams in him.

Deciding to live by faith

Deciding to leave the past behind

Deciding to to live in victory

Deciding to fight with my faith

Deciding to conquer the…


Added by Irene Jones on November 16, 2017 at 11:37am — 1 Comment

Romans 10:13 whosoever shall call upon the lord shall be saved.

Jesus is a savior to his children

 Rock in a mighty storm.

 Comforter in a hard situation.


A confidant in a prayer

 Shield in our battles

  Way maker

An overcomer in our situations


A warrior in our spirit

Promise to the lost…


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My love is unconditional and free Im calling you to come near me.I will forgive your sins and never speak of them again. I have a peace that surpass all. I will will fight your battle while on your knees. I have the keys granted by my father. Will you come to me so you can be free. I defeated death and have eternal life. Just believe and say yes to my will. I will never leave you or forsaken you. As you read this poem. I hope you decide to take the next step. Give Christ a yes.

Added by Irene Jones on February 22, 2017 at 9:28pm — 1 Comment

Open Arms

I'm waiting for you. I need your time and it's due. I know you hear me call your name in the night hours. I can carry your burdens and your fears. When you're on your knees I'm near. I will wash you clean and forgive your sins. You don't have to be perfect. I will all ways be with you and dry your tears. I love you and I need you near. Give me a chance to show you love. If you look up I'm above. If you feel down Im around. So take this chance and say yes. I will give you eternal life. If you… Continue

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Back to the beginning

When did we as Christians don't pray and stand up for our fellow sister or brother in Christ. When did standing on Gods word become wrong. When we have a relationship with Christ we want the same desires as him. We change daily as we die to self. God increase in us so we can decrease. We don't tolerate certain conversations. We don't hang out in certain places. We hunger his word and presence daily. God words stand true and will never change. When this world is done with his word still stands.… Continue

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Walking into my purpose

I will walk with my head held high. I will walk with the armor of God. I will walk into my destiny. I am a child of the most high and favor is upon me. My walk sometimes might be hard . please don't Judge what you see. My faith in Christ makes it easy for me to walk in my destiny.

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What are our idols

Our idols can come in people. Sometimes our jobs become our idols. We have many things that come into our life that we worship. What ever takes away from our worship with God is our idol. God want our full attention so he can talk to us in the spirit. We serve a jealous God and nothing should come before him. Turn off the phone or get in a quiet place and spend time with the lord,

Added by Irene Jones on December 15, 2016 at 8:30pm — 1 Comment

A Price was Paid



I was brought with a price. The highest price paid of all. Christ has set me free. I will…


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Irene jones



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Irene jones




Luke 6:27-36


Forgiveness is hard for some people. God called us to love our enemy’s. Forgiveness is peace and joy. We should forgive daily like God forgives us. I know they had hurt you and the pain is unbearable. Take this time and pray and meditate on the word. Pray that god will give you a loving heart. We need to be like god…


Added by Irene Jones on July 26, 2016 at 12:28pm — 1 Comment

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