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When did we as Christians don't pray and stand up for our fellow sister or brother in Christ. When did standing on Gods word become wrong. When we have a relationship with Christ we want the same desires as him. We change daily as we die to self. God increase in us so we can decrease. We don't tolerate certain conversations. We don't hang out in certain places. We hunger his word and presence daily. God words stand true and will never change. When this world is done with his word still stands. We our to live in truth and not compromise. Material stuff will fade away. We as his children are the light in this world. God will fight are battles and will not forsake his children. We must go back to the beginning when God was our first love. The beginning when we we were standing in his true word.

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Comment by Irene Jones on January 12, 2017 at 5:06pm
Sorry for typos. I'm typing from my phone. Writing what God put on my heaet

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