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Propel Declaration: I am Greatness. I am Healed. I am made whole and complete. I am a Magnet for the Blessings of God. I am Royalty. I am Wealthy. I am Prosperous. I am Successful. I am a Worshiper. I am Wisdom, I am an abundance of knowledge, and I am understanding. I am Focus. I am Motivated. I am determined. I am everything God said that I am, in his word. I am a Kings Kid and I obtain Wealth. I am Favor. I am Abundance. I am a Praiser. I am a Prayer Warrior. I am Rich. I am a LeaderShifter. I am going to live a long and prosperous life. I am Money. I am a Ruby. I am walking in my Destiny. I am Holy. I am Saved. I am Obedient. I am Humble. I am Gentle because the Holy Spirit is leading me. I am Powerful. I am Chosen. All I Do is WIN. I am a Pioneer. I am a Gladiator. I am a Trailblazer. I am a Champion. I am an Icon, and I am God's Elected. On page(124) of P®OPEL Kingdom Dimension Bible. Every day the first 7 people who inbox me will get an eBook from us for free. After the seven, you can instantly get your copy of the eBook now from me(half-price) or you can go to the bible eStore. You do not want to miss out on this half-price discount? Share this post on your page, and make this Kingdom Manifesto global wide. May you never thirst again Agape.
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