Here Are 7 Steps to Become an Effective Leader:

1. Recognize

Recognize that leadership is a gift, an art, a craft…that has to be continually developed.  Seek out and be willing to learn from effective leaders who have developed this craft we call leadership. 

2. Realize

Realize the fact that although leadership is a craft, it is not rocket science.  STOP MAKING IT SO DIFFICULT.  I repeat, unless you are a leader at NASA, your leadership role is not rocket science; chill-out and quit making things so hard on yourself and others.  BTW- If you are a leader at NASA or a rocket scientist, you should probably be asking the tough question: “Is what we do still necessary or relevant?” Except the call, and know you are chosen for the oil.

3. Remember

Remember The Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you!”  Most leaders barely remember the bronze rule, let alone The Golden Rule.  As a leader, it’s important to care about your people, to love your people, to care about their interests, care about their success…to treat them how you would want and expect someone to treat you.  Remember in order to become an effective leader, you have to understand that “Relationships Matter!”Love is the key and with out it everything else do not matter.

4. Replicate

Replicate what works and don’t force things that don’t work.  Don’t try to be a replicate of another leader or simply replicate what you have read in a book, but rather replicate the effective “What Works” concept into who you are and what you do! Be an original, know that there is one you and no one can work your gift except YOU!!!

5. Resurrect

Resurrect a dying team member; an effective leader has the ability to take a dying team (members) on the verge of being hurt, or broken and help resurrect them into a story that begins with this sentence…“There was a time when I was down and lost and my leader spoke life into me…Wow, look at how successful they are now!”

6. Reinvent

Reinvent the way leadership is carried out!  Break the box, find a new way, figure out what works for you, don’t be scared to be different, reinvent what might has been seen as irrefutable.  Reinvent out of hunger, creativity, thinking, believing, seeking etc.; don’t reinvent for the sake of reinventing!  “Don’t reinvent the wheel” just be yourself. Trust in the Holy Spirit and the God in you, and it will lead and guide you into truth.

7. Reign

Watch God reign and rule in your life, and watch his manifesting Glory, work through you like never before.


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  • Recognize: Develop LeaderShifter Skills

    Take on more projects:

    A great way to develop your leadership skills is to take on more responsibility. You don't have to take on more than you can handle, but you do need to do more than simply what's covered in your job description if you want to grow. Stepping out of your comfort zone is the only way you will learn anything new and doing so will get you noticed by executives as someone who takes initiative. 

    Learn to follow:

    A true leader has no problem yielding control to another person when appropriate. You should not feel threatened when someone disagrees with you, questions your thinking, or puts forth ideas of their own. Keep an open mind and give merit where merit is due. It won't always be easy, but if you learn to value and respect others on your team, they'll be more likely to step up to the plate for you.

    Inspire others:

    Being a leader means you are part of a team, and as a leader you should be able to motivate and inspire those you work with to collaborate as best, they can. When a team member needs encouragement or guidance, offer it. Sometimes, all a person needs is someone to listen and be sympathetic. 

    Be a discerning listener:

    Becoming a leader doesn't mean you always have to be in the spotlight. An important trait of a good leader is someone who listens to suggestions, ideas, and feedback from other people, and build on them. Good listeners know that communication is not only about words, but picking up on non-verbal cues, such as eye contact and body language.

    Effective LeaderShifters:

    Share Their Vision

    Lead by Example

    Demonstrate Integrity

    Communicate Effectively

    Make Hard Decisions

    Recognize Success

    Empower Others

    Motivate and Inspire

  • Good Morning RPE4L; it is truly remarkable to be in class once again, to gain and maintain the extraordinary knowledge and understanding also inviting wisdom to come along. This is our new journey, on a solid road; building a concrete foundation as we initiate, activate, launch out in becoming the leadershifter that we have been called to be. Taking upon ourcelf the responsibilities to grasp hold to each lesson, each segment and understand the quality of it and put it all to action. After our first class we know that we’ve been shifted into a place of recognizing and realizing that we need a do-over; resurrecting the true-us to authenticate what God actually planted within. Remembering that we are valuable with value, we are worth to allow the jewels to shine, replicating from our King, “He is One with the Father, and so are we, and we build on these powerful words; asking the Kingdom of God to give us the strategy to reinvent; the insight of His Plan for a genuine purpose. One thing we are really recognizing and taking note on, that God didn’t create any-old-thing; it was done with craftsmanship; awesomeness tools, powerful mind-set, so we can reign with Him. We are undisputable, legitimate children of the Most High God. HalleluYAH

  • My God I'm so excited to go over this again. If we did this in the school of prophets back in the day. I'm glad I took notes so I can read what it takes to be and effective leadershifter. It teaches me how to be different leader than other I don't have to act like no one but my true cellf I see mycellf acting like my siblings sometime always putting them in stuff how they used to do me. I think thats starting to taking effect me in many ways in my life. God help me transform completely I know my mother/ Apostle sees it but she wants me to find out for mycellf. The key rule to be an effective leader being honest with yourcellf and others. We can't blame no one for our actions but us. If I allowed that to happened I had to be opened and willing to start acting like that and blaming other people. Thats an generation thing we all got to destroy from Adam. 

  • I thank God i was able to read this again and take heed i have been taking notes but i am very familar on these seven right here. Praise God, The one i like the most was Reinvent it breaks it down how we should reinvent out of hunger and creativity i felt that was for me telling me to explore more in God. Regin was another watching how first hand how God has moved in my life i definetly have shifted some things around i didnt know needed shifting until my walk with him became deeper my connection closer. Another was replicate what works for you and what dont find out what that is. dont try to go off of what another Leader dose because what works for them works and it may not be the same for you. Get your own sway about you not off of what you read be orginal.

  • Hallelujah just rereading over this powerful teachings and all seven steps are most helpful into becoming a effective leader for God, but the ones that stuck out the most to me was recognize, realize, and replicate because alot of times I made it really hard on myself thinking what If I don't do this right and worrying what others would think and well that was my problem right there, why am I worry about what others think when I'm supposed to worry about what God thinks, and that I'm supposed to be myself and allow God to work through me, so I'm grateful that I got to read these again it's something I need to constantly remind myself.

  • I love the realize that although leadership is an craft it's not rocket scientists, because a lot of us think we can't do certain things, but I love how it tells us except the call and know that you are chosen God has already given us the power to do it, it's not that hard.

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  • I had forgotten all about the 7  ways to be a effective leadershifter 


     I enjoyed this reading because I'm active learning to become a more effective leader, this reading really blessed me. Amen

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