Here Are 7 Steps to Become an Effective Leader:

1. Recognize

Recognize that leadership is a gift, an art, a craft…that has to be continually developed.  Seek out and be willing to learn from effective leaders who have developed this craft we call leadership. 

2. Realize

Realize the fact that although leadership is a craft, it is not rocket science.  STOP MAKING IT SO DIFFICULT.  I repeat, unless you are a leader at NASA, your leadership role is not rocket science; chill-out and quit making things so hard on yourself and others.  BTW- If you are a leader at NASA or a rocket scientist, you should probably be asking the tough question: “Is what we do still necessary or relevant?” Except the call, and know you are chosen for the oil.

3. Remember

Remember The Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you!”  Most leaders barely remember the bronze rule, let alone The Golden Rule.  As a leader, it’s important to care about your people, to love your people, to care about their interests, care about their success…to treat them how you would want and expect someone to treat you.  Remember in order to become an effective leader, you have to understand that “Relationships Matter!”Love is the key and with out it everything else do not matter.

4. Replicate

Replicate what works and don’t force things that don’t work.  Don’t try to be a replicate of another leader or simply replicate what you have read in a book, but rather replicate the effective “What Works” concept into who you are and what you do! Be an original, know that there is one you and no one can work your gift except YOU!!!

5. Resurrect

Resurrect a dying team member; an effective leader has the ability to take a dying team (members) on the verge of being hurt, or broken and help resurrect them into a story that begins with this sentence…“There was a time when I was down and lost and my leader spoke life into me…Wow, look at how successful they are now!”

6. Reinvent

Reinvent the way leadership is carried out!  Break the box, find a new way, figure out what works for you, don’t be scared to be different, reinvent what might has been seen as irrefutable.  Reinvent out of hunger, creativity, thinking, believing, seeking etc.; don’t reinvent for the sake of reinventing!  “Don’t reinvent the wheel” just be yourself. Trust in the Holy Spirit and the God in you, and it will lead and guide you into truth.

7. Reign

Watch God reign and rule in your life, and watch his manifesting Glory, work through you like never before.


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  • The 7 R's of leadership are all important to realize and Reign stood out to me because once I began to realize who God called me to be that I could begin to allow God to have full reign in my life, and to watch his glory manifest

  • Hey, Dr. Jacqueline Jones-Brown,

    I really enjoy reading your list.  Also, I think that it's so important that we as spiritual leaders consistently (RE)invent ourselves to serve the people better.


    Dr. Jacqueline Jones-Brown said:

    This reading assignment provided so much confirmation.  While matriculating a doctoral program in Educational Leadership at Nova Southeastern University, there were many leaders such as Stephen Covey, Joseph Stowell, John Maxwell Peter, Senge, Michael Fallun, etc, all of which were required readings. These men were responsible for authoring such books as 7 habits of Highly Successful people, Putting First things first, as well as having read a plethora of articles by, Warren Bennis, and Peter Senge on creating effective organizations professional learning communities through effective leadership.

     I mention all that just to say, as I read the theories and strategies from the above sources, I have to be honest. I often shared with my fellow classmate my thoughts that these leaders spend countless hours of developing leadership theories and writing leadership books based on their world knowledge but I wonder what would actually happen if they would consider for one moment, What God is saying about leadership. 

    As a matter of fact I found a my notes from the book reviews and articles and the one thing that remains constant as I read this article is “Leading requires Learning”,  even if you’re born with innate qualities of a leader. as Christian Leaders, God’s ecclesia, His called out ones, the first thing we must do is recognize that God has given us gifts and callings in an effort to lead and help others.

     Hence, we must recognize that to be an effective leader it is imperative that we look, listen. learn, let go and love.

    We must look to those who are successful in Christian Leadership.

    We must listen to those under our leadership, so we will understand clearly how to pray

    We must listen to the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction.

    We must let go of those things that make leading a too hard.

    We must love and show compassion.  (There is a saying that is true...people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.)


    After reading this article I made a wall plaque entitled the

    Seven R’s of leadeRship

    1. Recognize-Leading requires Learning

    2. Realize-Leading must be Relevant

    3. Remember Leading embraces the #1 Rule (Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you.

    4. Replicate-Leading Realizes what Works and Replicates.

    5. Resurrect –Leading is Reaching out to restore others

    6. Reinvent-Leading is Reaching beyond routines.

    7. Reign-Leading is Remember GOD is SOVEREIGN and HE REIGNS


     As  Leader I realize that I must look to God at all times. To seek His direction at all times and to obey what He says. 

    Love is key in leading.

    I  am Watching  God reign and rule in my life, and  I am watching  his  Glory manifest and work through me like never before!

  • Yes.  This information is so timely as I work towards building my leadership company that assist novice leaders, recent graduates, entry-level professionals, and clients looking to reenter the workforce.  As we shift into spiritual leadership, it's so important that we understand the importance of servicing in such a compacity.

  • Amen!

  • My role in life is being a effective leader.

  • I love this, it is wonderful to know the truth

  • AMEN

  • Amen
  • Amen
  • The seven steps will empower us saints, we will walk in confidence and speak boldly. this is the ground work that will thrust us into our destiny. Speak it over your lives and walk in it.

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