Keith_Janet_Miller_150pixels.jpgEphesians 3:16-20 is such an incredible passage! It shows us how to rule and reign in our inner man by Kingdom dominion. Paul prayed, "That He would grant you according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man, that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith..." (verses 16-17a). It's awesome to know that you can walk in the Lord's strength in your inner man. You can walk in Christ's stature and strength. He wants us to operate out of the strength of Christ in us, the Spirit of might.

In verses 17-19"...that you being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width, and the length, and the depth and the height, to know the love of Christ which passes all knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God."

Wow! Do you want to be filled with all the fullness of God? If you look up the word "fullness" it literally means "to be crammed full; weighted down." Don't you want to live on a day to day basis in a new realm of His glory and the weightiness of His Presence so that you begin to diffuse the fragrance of His glory?

Let's go into this passage just a little bit more. Ephesians 3:20"Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us." Are you ready to see the exceedingly abundantly above and beyond? See, I believe the Lord wants to do big, big things, don't you?

Now, go back to Ephesians 3:16, because I want to show you something else. Paul prayed for the Lord's strength. He first of all said, "that He would grant to you." Now the word "grant" there means "to bestow a gift, or supply or furnish something that is necessary." Paul says, "I pray that the Father would give you something according to the riches of His glory." I love the word "riches" it means "wealth."

Don't you know God is pretty rich? Do you want to be wealthy in the things of the Kingdom? Paul is saying here, "Listen guys, I'm asking for the Father to bless you, to bestow a blessing according to His wealth." Wealth represents what?Abundance!

So Paul's saying, "Listen, I'm praying, guys, that Father God would give to you out of the abundance of His glory. What is glory? The glory is who He is. It is the weightiness of who He is. He's saying, "I'm asking for the Father to come to you and say 'Here, from the Father is wealth, riches, abundance.'" Abundance of what? Abundance of glory. His weighty glory! 

Now he didn't say upon, but he said where? He said, "In the inner man." It says, That He would grant to you, but remember it means to give something. In other words, "To give it to you because you need it." And it's out of the abundance, and the word abundance means "continuously supply." Do you want to operate out of the strength of the Lord on a continuous, day-to-day basis, where you operate out of the abundance of His supply and His strength for your life? I love this because it says, "Out of the riches of His glory." How rich is God's glory? How much abundance is there? How much of God's glory is there?

Kratos Power

To be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man (Ephesians 3:16). The word "strengthen" comes from the Greek word kratos, which means "power; Kingdom manifestation of dominion."

Kratos is the power, might, or ability to strengthen you in your inner man. It gives you strength over temptation. It's the manifestation of Kingdom dominion in you. What does that mean? It means that the things which are taking place in the natural don't rule your life because Jesus is ruling and reigning by the kratos of the Lord! We've got to walk steadfastly in the things of the Lord.

Paul says, "Guys, I want you to walk in a realm where you have strength to overcome persecution, cares and concerns, and strength to minister in the anointing. Strength to walk out what He has for your life, strength to walk in your destiny, and strength to stand and say, 'Now, behold, the Lord your God!' I want Him to do things in your life that are exceedingly abundantly above and beyond what you can even think or imagine, according to His mighty power, and that you begin to bring God glory." When Christ rules and reigns in your inner man, you will stand strong in the things of the Lord.

Paul uses kratos again in Ephesians 6:10"Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power (kratos) of His might." He's saying, "Right now be strong in His kratos power." The Lord is releasing powerful dimensions of His anointing upon the Body of Christ right now! We're about to see and do incredible things in cities that will transform regions. But He doesn't want you to walk it out in your strength, but by kratos allowing Christ to rule and reign in you. Even though the outward is perishing, you're getting stronger within (2 Corinthians 4:16).

Let's look at a few examples of kratos in Jesus' life. When Jesus ministered in the anointing, He got the religious people stirred up. They took stones to kill Him! And Jesus just walked right past them unharmed. Do you know what the other twelve were doing? They didn't run away. The twelve of them were walking right behind Him like ducklings. The religious people couldn't touch Jesus. He didn't get upset because He knew His purpose, and He had Kingdom dominion in His inner man.

They came to Him in the garden in John 18:5-6 and He told them who He was: "I am He." And as soon as He said it, His Kingdom manifested, and they all fell to the ground! This is a picture of His kratos dominion.

Kratos can act like a nuclear explosion of God's Kingdom and dominion in a city or region. This is what Paul saw in Acts 19:8. He gave them the counsel of God. He preached the Kingdom, both renewing their minds and persuading their hearts. It says that two years after he began preaching in Ephesus, the Word of God grew mightily and prevailed (Acts 19:20). The word for "mightily" there is kratos. A Kingdom explosion took place in Ephesus. It was such a great manifestation of the Kingdom that everything not of the Kingdom had to fall. Paul preached under the flow of the counsel and might of the Lord. We want that same kind of power to come to and through our lives and ministries! Do it, Lord!

Dunamis Power

Kratos is also found in Ephesians 1:19. Kratos is actually only one of four Greek words that mean "might," or "power." Dunamis is another Greek word that means "might," and it is also found in this passage. It is the first word "power" mentioned in this sentence. Here is how it reads: ...And what is the exceeding greatness of His power (dunamis) toward us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power (kratos)?

While kratos means God's power ruling within us, dunamis refers to God's power upon the Believer's life. Dunamis is the power that enabled Jesus and His disciples to do miracles, signs and wonders. It refers to mighty acts of power. It empowers Believers today to do the same as well. The Spirit of Counsel releases the Spirit of Might and a river of the miraculous will begin to explode with great and mighty deeds being done for the Glory of Jesus!

Colossians 1:11a says, "Strengthened with all might according to His glorious power." The word for "strengthened with all might" is dunamis. In the phrase according to His glorious power, the word for "power" is kratos, God's Kingdom dominion within. So the power He gives us within by His might enables us to walk in the anointing for mighty deeds.

We need God's strength and might to rule in us inwardly in order to handle the anointing of power, don't we? 

In the passage we examined earlier in Ephesians 3:16, both Dunamis and kratos are used. It reads,That He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened (kratos) with might (dunamis) through His Spirit in the inner man... Again, God will strengthen us within with kratos (inward power) in order for us to carry His dunamis power (outward power), for mighty deeds.

Finishers Arise!

God wants to increase your might! Be faithful with what has been given to you, and you will get more. Ask the Lord to release His might for you. It says in 2 Timothy 2:1"Therefore my son be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus." That is how we are strong – through His grace. Begin to recognize God's grace. Ephesians 3:7, says we are effective ministers because we minister according to the grace that has been given to us. 

This is God's intention for you. You can live victoriously – not beaten down, hoping to just make it through. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you! Be strong in the might and the power of the Lord!

The Spirit of Might takes you from the beginning of salvation all the way through the process of maturing, putting off the old man, walking in the new man, and walking in the fullness of Him. Don't you want to be a finisher? How do you finish strong in the Lord? You do this by living in the anointing of His might.

Psalm 92:12-14 says that even in your old age you will be like a green olive tree bearing much fruit if you dwell in the house of God. If you are a born again Christian, God is your Father, and Christ leads you in His triumph by the power of His Spirit's might (2 Corinthians 2:14). You are called to declare a victory, cry with the army of the Lord! And when the enemy hears this sound, he will retreat! We are not going to be overcome. We are overcomers!

What was God saying to you after reading this power, dynamic, and life changing message?

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  • Blessed to read our lesson on today. The fullness of God. To us that means; Understanding that God is readily to share with us all He has, revealing who He really is. Taken up knowledge of the ‘trinity”. Gaining knowledge that God is the Head, and Jesus is His Son, where transformation comes from Him through our God, and the Holy Spirit gives us access through baptism, in which keeps us, bring all things to our remembrance, He protect, feed us, unction us, all comes from Jesus through our Father; “Abba”.  We love Ephesians; this gives us hope to know we can learn and operate with our inner man through rule and reign from the Kingdom dominion. We were granted dominion in the beginning, Gen. 1:26, after great consideration and the Love of our God; the plan was executed for us, making us in the image, likeness, taking dominion over all the all the earth, sky, land and the sea, and dominion over all the creeping things. Extended even more, God grants us His Glory that has all the richest, the strength with might from the Spirit in our inner man, the Holy Spirit. WE can walk in the Lord's strength; walk in Christ's stature and strength, operating out of the strength of Christ in us. this teaches us that we are on our way to finish what God has given, and we shall arise to all of the occasion, hear, and listen to the sound of the trumpet, the clarion call which is sounding now. Taking off the old and walking and operating in the very new, God’s grace with favor all around us, with might and power within and with the might acts of power Dunamis to fully enable us to do what no “human” can do on it’s own, but have the ability to present signs and wonders. Maturing in every step, phases, dymentions, being alive victoriously, accomplishing all things through our Lord and Savior. My God; God is saying He is ready, willing, and able to reveal to us the mysteries of Him; Grasp-Hold to the revelations, teaching, and don’t let go. Recognize All He promise to us; grant us every request pertaining to His plan; Declaring His Word, there is nothing He won’t do for us, bring us to a place in Him like ever before. We can begin to start up our ministries, being fully equipped; living a life of completion, realizing there is great favor with us, launching out for real, operating in the fullness of Him, with might and power, the ability, the strength to endure it all. Then he added, Are You Ready? Well get ready because Here I Come. My God and He has begun. HalleluYAH.

  • How rich is God’s Glory? 

    God’s glory is unlimited riches that we can’t even explain; we can say we know it’s a lot. However, we really do not know how infinite God’s riches to  his glory is because we never asked him about that. Question: Do we as people ask God  anything about him besides what we  want him to do for us? I can say that I have not asked him lately how he feels or anything. I am always focusing on me and my family and praying for everyone else's safety and lives. However, we just have to start asking him questions if we want to know something. His Glory is more powerful then we know. God really just gives us samples of his signs; he most definitely doesn't give us his full potential. Why should he if we are not requesting him too. My God opens my Retina so I can see you true glory. Lord, I'm requesting today that you will show me your full potential far as your Glory and Power. No more samples. He’s telling me right now do you know what you are asking for. I do not know Lord, but I am willing to try and not give up. 

    Don’t you want to be a finisher? 

    Yes Lord I don’t want to be a finisher. I have been quitting all my life for the stuff that truly matters to me. No more I have got to stand my ground. If I am claiming to be your prophet why would I quit you are not quitting on me. I’m still here because of you, I can’t not allow this purpose to fail. I think the real reason why people come back again to get a do over is because they failed their mission. They didn’t get the chance to complete it. I’m not about to do that again, keep coming back different situations keep occurring and don’t know what your mission is anymore. Nope I’m fed up with not completing the task we told God we were going to do before he sent us down here. Now I am going to finish Lord, this time I’m not coming back again. I want to make it right this time I see more clearly now with this one. So I encourage you all to find your purpose and get to work on it because if you don’t complete it it begins to get even harder then before. Trust me Let Go of anything that holds you from not moving forth in your purpose. It’s only a distraction to keep you from knowing who you are and doing your purpose. Trust me it took me years trust me. Therefore, don’t be afraid to read this message and feel free to commit back because these are real facts. 

    What was God saying to you after reading this power, dynamic, and life changing message? 

    I will have to say the maturity in getting to know God’s powers inside of us and out. We have to know that  walk in the dunamis power day- to- day basis, and his kratos power as well. God wants to see if we are truly up for the challenge that’s why he allows the no names to test us on a day-to-day basis to see if we are going to eventually wake up or are we going to still be asleep. That’s why God had the Apostle Paul pray for us in Eps: 3:16-20 because he knew we would get caught up in the entanglement of the world instead of the Earth. That’s why he has given us his tool kit which is the bible to manualize our lives in Him. The word is our map to do the purpose God has given us and to help our brothers and sisters who have got caught in the entanglement of the world. This teaching had let us know that we have Kratos which is power within us and Dunamis refers to God’s power upon us who believes in life with him. My God !!!!

    Brothers and Sisters walk daily in Kratos and Dunamis everyday and apply it to your life from this day forward.

  • Hallelujah I want to just praise God for this reading what was spoken to me during the reading it was God saying how I need to ask for more might on the inside for my inner man. So that's what's spoke out to me the first thing that I heard and learning about are power on the outside and learning about the power on the inside how the dunamis is our outward power and how Kratos is our Innward Inner Man power I just thank God for this reading and teaching because this is not going to leave me I'm definitely going to keep it closed take heed and apply it to my life and keep asking for more of God might in my life for my spirit man I have to say I've been doing a little bit neglecting when it comes to my spirit man asking for more for my spirit man so I definitely will be praying in my prayer life for more might and strengthening for my inner man Hallelujah. Yes i would Love to be a Finisher instead of just a started it feels better when you finish then to just start and not finish HalleluYah.

  • I have to operate off God's power not my power my power is weak but God power there's no limit and with God's power I can do anything, it may look dark but operating off of God's power I can see the light Ne'eman. 

  • God is telling me to trust him and follow him. AMEN

  • amen
  • When you are filled with the fullness of God ithelp to keep you won to be at peace with the thing that are going on around you so that you may move in type sspiritof the lord

  • We need to be filled with His fullness to receive to strengthen and power need to walk out our purpose. 

  • God increase me and fill me to overflowing with you!

  • Sonseeahray M. Foster said:

    That God is releasing a new revelation of who God is, and What he can do!!!! God is calling for a willing vessel that he can allow his Kratos (Perfect) Power to work in us so that unseen power of the kingdom can stir up the Kingdom that's lives on the inside of us. Through  this Kratos we'll be able to walk in the Kingdom Authority of Greater works!!!@!!! This will allow the Dunamis power to exhibit the Miracle, Sign and Wonders that were discuss in his word. My God from Glory release, and download your Kratos,& Dunamis power on your people Now!

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