Seer's Devotional Realm Day 11

Boasting is necessary, though it is not profitable; but I will go on to visions and revelations of the Lord (2 Corinthians 12:1).

Today’s Devotional Here are three more New Testament Greek words that express different visionary states.

Horama Horama is another general term for vision, meaning “that which is seen.” It carries the particular sense of a “spectacle, sight, or appearance.” New Testament examples commonly associate this word with waking visions. You can be a candidate for horama visions. Just tell the Lord of your desire to be a person who receives the spirit of revelation and sees visions. It is in His Word. It is for today. It is there for the asking!

Horasis A horasis occurs when the Spirit who lives within us looks out through the “windows” of our eyes and allows us to see what He sees. Are we seeing in the natural or in the spiritual? Sometimes it is hard to tell, and sometimes it is both. When our spiritual eyes are open, sometimes our natural eyes can see into the spiritual realm. We may see dual images as visionary spiritual pictures that are superimposed over the images we are seeing with our physical eyes.

Optasia Another visionary state found in the New Testament is denoted by the word optasia—literally meaning “visuality,” or in concrete form, “apparition.” Optasia has the very specific connotation of self-disclosure, or of letting oneself be seen. The word always occurs in the context of someone seeing a divine or spiritual personage.

1. Have you ever had a horama vision, or do you personally know someone who has had one? What did the vision entail? Why do you think God revealed it? What resulted from its revelation?

2. Have you asked God for the spirit of revelation and the gift to see visions? Why does this type of revelation “scare” some people? Why should we seek horama visions?

3. Have you experienced a horasis, or do you know of someone who has experienced one? How do both the natural and spiritual work in this visionary state?

4. What is your understanding of the optasia visionary state? Have you or someone you know experienced this? What impact can this visionary state have on one’s life?

5. Looking at the three visionary states above, which would you say the Lord needs to develop more in His Body? Why?

Meditation We all have two sets of eyes: our physical or natural eyes, and the eyes of our hearts, with which we see into the spiritual realm; the latter are the eyes through which we see and understand spiritual truth.

The Bible says that our bodies are temples for the Holy Spirit. Every temple has windows and doors.

When the Lord comes to dwell in our temples, He likes to be able to look out His windows.

Our eyes —physical and spiritual—are the windows to our souls. How well do your eyes work in seeing what the Lord wants you to see?

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  • 1. I have had a wakening vision before I often get them sometime during the day lately I haven't had any recent ones but I normally do during the day so for me that's as close as I got to a haroma vision also use to mistake alot of my dreams for just that and it be a vision. At this time I'm still relearning about the haroma I understand I learned it in class but I need a refreshing refreshment of what exactly means I have to go back and look at my notes praise God. 

    2. I have never asked God to show me visions before they just never was asked and never thought about to ask about it I believe that the reason why some people are afraid because myself I was afraid to tap into my Visions because it seems so real and it seems so I don't know it just something that used to really bother me to see things in a way that is not normal for everybody else and I think for some people they feel the same way it scares them and what they're seeing and not understanding what they're being shown for why is another reason and I know a lot of people used to seeing things like this on TV but the have it in real life doing this it's different so I think that's why some people are afraid and so they run or they drinking or they smoke or whatever because they don't understand fully why they're being shown what and why they were chosen to see that deeply some people really go through some deep searching in they self and then all of a sudden get afraid and wants to block it out that's one of the ways that I know people block it out that's why you never know what no one's going through and why and it's a progress for a lot of people to transfer and be transform by their minds to have their minds renewed a lot of people do a lot of things procrastination avoiding talking about it you know because it scares them that bad so yeah some people just don't want to accept the heroma vision don't want to accept it and so they block it out that's my perspective of it some without even knowing it. 

    3. Praise God I have had a Horasis Vision before I remember how I was at work and my nurse was talking to me and I heard what she said but at the same time I was so lost into the vision that I was being shown that I completely tapped her out and was just lost in the vision and she could tell that I wasn't there anymore and so she went to tapping on me saying are you okay where were you just now and I was like here she was like your eyes it was like you wasn't here and I was like oh I was here just somewhere else at the same time so I had an out-of-body experience at the nurses station being shown a vision awake and it was it was really deep for me the other day I was saying how my son  spilled some milk on the floor and I seen it before I naturally seen it and I do that quite a bit I see things before I naturally see them so I agree that I see more spiritually and naturally but more spiritually before I see it naturally first.

    4. I have had the Optasis visionary state times im shown something happening to a child and i go to praying on how real the vision was for me and that child.. I see people happy in wedding gowns i see rings on hand spiritually..i see children mistreated. I dont know anyone who have had these besides myself. I dont ever hear from anyone around me that share what i see spiritually. I seen women abuse in my visions one of them i know personally..i have seen the works. To be able to tap in like that is still getting use to how you can see that clearly. Im learning more on this as well. For me it impact my life to pray more and to ask God more why am i having these visions seeing into someone elses life what am i suppose to do.. So im still working on it but i do pray for they covering..

    5. I would say all three i need to go in deeper because i really want to understand it more of why im being shown this. Inuse to think growing up that i was just trippin out of the blue thinking that like it was just a thought but it wasnt it was a vision i was having about someome right then and there. Yes God need all 3 for body refresh my memory because this time your prophetess spiritual eyes are wide open. We see really good we cant even say or play like God hasnt been with us back and forth showing us visions back i just need to study more now to.understand all that he is showing me and why praise God.



  • 1: I had a horama visions when I was younger but I am getting trained at this very moment so when God begin to show me his visions, I will know which type of vision it is. I know my mother has all types of visions, sometimes there are some visions ment to be explain and some that are not ment to be explain. The vision that God has given me, I will go to my secret place and we will have dinner with him. That's prolly why it was called my secret place because back then I had so many secrets. The next vision was me in the belly of the whale when I was disobedient to the Lord and my mother he will put me in ther for a few days to get my behavior together. God has allowed me to see theses different visons so he can show me different realms in him, we got so much to discover.

    2: Yes I just asked the Lord to allow me to start seeing visions more. And he had just given me my answer, he wants me to learn about the visions. When I have a vision I can begin to understand what I see so I can say this is a horama vision I had. Because they think that they are not ready for what's next. So they become afraid, I think I was afraid for a while of what I'm truly cable of. When I was younger I used to acted like I am this famous mixed culture singer, actress, model, and business women, That did a lot of top roles she was always the chosen one and evryone loved how beautiful she was.  To find out what God was showing us. 

    3: Yes I remember when I was 11 years old I will look at the rain and see visions in the rain out me window. Ooh I had just forgotten about that until God just brung it back to my rememberance. Wow I used to see people tear through the rain my God. I will be awake but looking out the window I will hear my aunt telling me to get out the window but I used to be stuck for a least 25 to 35 minutes. Wow I had just forgetten about that thank you Lord.  You be a wake but you are there but not there you see were we is going with this is hard to explain you can hear people but can't speak sometimes. 

    4: I still learning about that one now. Hopefully I shall be having one of those soon to come. Yes prolly my mother as I might have told you before she doesn't really share a lot of vision only sometimes. I might have to ask her and she will tell me. New beginnings and new realms of visions in God so I'm excited. 

    5: I will say more of Optasia because most people don't know about Optasia, or Horama, for me I will say all of it but I know God is showing  us more different realms of visions. People are Afraid to step into their spiritual realm in God. 

    It's growing daily everytime I study and fasting in him it elevates more and more. 


  • With “seerer day 11 and 12 Apostle Teyshana, honstely we are not understanding this. So, we are going to get more information concerning this. We dream and we know they are prophetic at time but to put definition to them we have to search more. May be can tell you some of them one day and you can help us with them. God does give us interpretation on them, but he hasn’t given us this knowledge about them.

    • Blessings and GA Pastor Patricia(Host) how are you doing on this Triumph day? You had learned about these different Dimensional Realms, in the Apostolic and Prophetic Flow Anointing class. With the Horama 2 class. You might have to go back over it, and listen to the class connect call as well. 

      A Horama is explained above as well, it is a Greek word for(Vision) and it is a Divine Heavenly Dimensional Encounter from the Lord. Just as the Seer Ezekiel had in(Ezek 1). You had taking Part 2 of this course.

      A Horasis is Greek for(Seeing as an Eagle 20/20 as the eyes 👀of the Lord in a vision or dream)

      Optasia is Greek for( having your eyese be in the Optical visionary dimensions of God, seeing all that he shares with you in a vision or dream). There is more details in our courses. We can send you all the information if you want us too. 

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