Seer's Devotional Realm Day 12

Therefore, prepare your minds for action, keep sober in spirit, fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ (1 Peter 1:13).

Today’s Devotional Here are the remaining New Testament Greek words that express different visionary states. Ekstasis Ekstasis, from which our English word ecstasy is derived, means “amazement, astonishment, or a trance.” Literally, ekstasis means “a displacement of the mind,” or “bewilderment.” When translated as “trance,” ekstasis refers to one being caught up in the Spirit so as to receive those revelations that God intends.

Apokalupsis With apokalupsis, we come to the most frequently used word in the New Testament to describe a visionary state. Apokalupsis literally means “disclosure,” an “appearing” or “coming ,” a “manifestation.” It carries specifically the sense of something hidden that has now been uncovered or revealed.

Egenomehn ehn pneumati The phrase egenomehn ehn pneumati literally means “to become in the Spirit,” a state in which one could see visions and be informed or spoken directly to by the Spirit of God. Therein lies the secret to how we get revelation.

We do it by first getting in the Spirit. The more we are filled with the Spirit and walk in the Spirit, the more we become one with the Spirit, and the more our eyes will be opened to see in the Spirit. He will give us the perception to look into the spiritual realm.

1. Have you ever had an ekstasis vision, or do you personally know someone who has had this type of vision? What did the vision entail? Why do you think God revealed it? What resulted from its revelation?

2. Have you or someone you know experienced an apokalupsis? How do hidden things become revealed in this vision?

3. What is your understanding of the egenomehn ehn pneumati visionary state? Have you or someone you know experienced this? What impact can this visionary state have on one’s life?
4. Looking at the three visionary states above, which would you say the Lord needs to develop more in His Body? Why?

5. In order to get revelation, we must first get in the Spirit. What does this mean to you? How does a person become one with the Spirit?

Meditation Have you ever had an experience where you suddenly felt like a little light went on inside? You may not necessarily have had an actual vision, but just a sense that something that you did not understand, something that was hidden from you, was now revealed.

That is an apokalupsis-type experience. If you have experienced this type of vision, how did God use it?

If you have not experienced this, how can you prepare yourself to receive such revelation?

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    . Praise God for me I believe I have had a Ekstasis  I am currently having those as well when I first started having visions at 18 years old I was in a trance in the spirit  God was showing me these tall mountain rocks and Fireball back and forth speeding and I was in it in the trance for a long time and you know explaining it doesn't sound as long but I was in it for a while and it kept happening back-to-back every time I looked at a light I will be in a trance for a long time and God would just be showing me you know mountains and different things in the steering and I would just be so caught up in it it was life changing for me A lot of times I had to get snapped out of it because I was pretty much in it for a long time so that was my experience of having one I haven't had one recently that had me out that long. I personally think he did it to show me how high i can grow spiritually there were short mountains and taller ones and i believe he was activating my visions and showing me myself how i will keep climbing in life despite whatever. what happen is it was true i have truly grown spiritually..forreal.. im one of the tall mountians Leaders still over coming things but im growing is the important part.. 

    2. I had a Apokalupsis vision before where i was thinking i was dreaming but it was a vision i was in the mirrior and my teerh fell out and i had swollen half of my waking up running to the mirror and looking at my teeth i still had my teeth but it was my mom who teeth did just as the vision said broke half her teeth and swolled half and the other came out...that was soemthing for me to see and have a vision of..but eventually one of my teeth did the same as well..but my mom was exactly like the vision.. 

    3. I have connected to the Spirit and God spoke to me about what to say to person after he show me a little scene what they are going thru..but i dont know much about the egenomehn ehn pneumati i cant really say if this is the same thing.

    4. Feel that God need this Temple Body to have All fill me up because i feel clueless on some of the questions and words. And i cant even pronounce it all. Need to learn more if i have learned it all before i have no remembrance of it at all..I need more time in this Seer devotion because this is really speaking to me.

    5. For us how we do it is by Worshiping we always find ourcelff singing and not just any song but songs that can take us in to our place we meet by decreasing ths flesh out and the Holy Spirit in..we pray and quote scriptures and go back to worshifting..and we feel a calming or different way about ourcelff. We able to tap in fully when we worshift. And we began flowing in the Spirit. 

    6. I have not so i believe i can prepare myself by asking God for Understanding before i Let me have clearity on whats happening to me at that moment it happens make sure im more in SPIRIT to be able to hear and prepare for it..

  • 1: Yes I have had a Ekstasis visions, when I had all my visions as a child. I will see my visions and I will be in a long trance in the spirit. God will show me places, things, all types of stuff. Yes my mother has had Ekstasis vision befor, she been having these visions since 2005. She has been known about these vision for a while now. She had visoins about people lives. I had Ekstasis visions about people lives as well. I will see people leaving there old relationships, we will all so see them moving into new homes. God will show us these visions for his people to put his trust in him. So we tell everyone to trust the vision God gives you. 

    2: Yes I have had a apokalupsis vision when I was younger, I will see people desiring to have new cars, new houses, and wanting new relationships it did happen. It may had took a minute to manifest but God still allowed it to happen. My mother had a apokalupsis vision that she was going to get a big check, and the people will present it to us. And it did happen, it was a check from Walmart they have given it to I Am A Ruby. When God is ready to reveal what he has for us, he will allow it to surface in a way that warns you it's on the way. And it's coming from his children to you. 

    3: My understanding of a pneumati vision is when you see in the deeper realm in the spirit. You will become the eyes of your spirit cellf, God is trusting you to see in your spirit eyes. Yes I had an pneumati vision not to long ago, he shown me a vision of me in my spiriture cellf, and she shown me our Apostle T spirit cellf. How beautiful it is to see with you spirit eyes is way better than your natural eyes.  I can make a huge different if you truly see your spirit cellf it will change your whole spiritual eyes trust me . 

    4: I will say pneumati visions so the body can develop a new was of see themselves in the spiritual realm. Trust me they don't  know anything about how they spirit looks like. Using your eyes in the spirit to see your spirit and other people spirit is the most powerful vision you can have and see. Because you taping into your spirit eye which is your third eye. Why is it need to grow in the spirit and to see how God see's us all. 

    5: We must tap into a realm in the spirit so you can get the connection that God want's you to tap into. God want us to be connected first so he can give us the vision he desire to show us. How do we become one by allowing God to have complete control in your life. Accepting everything that God gives us rather it's  good or bad. And to always keep God first through it all. Love him whole hardly. 

    Yes I did have that feeling in August and everysince.  

    He used it in a great way for the people. 

    By going higher and higher in the Lord and ask to receive these types of visions. 


  • With “seerer day 11 and 12 Apostle Teyshana, honstely we are not understanding this. So, we are going to get more information concerning this. We dream and we know they are prophetic at time but to put definition to them we have to search more. May be can tell you some of them one day and you can help us with them. God does give us interpretation on them, but he hasn’t given us this knowledge about them.

    • Blessings and GA Pastor Patricia(Host) how are you doing on this Triumph day? You had learned about these different Dimensional Realms, in the Apostolic and Prophetic Flow Anointing class. With the Horama 2 class. You might have to go back over it, and listen to the class connect call as well. 

      An Ekstasis vision and dream is explained above, it is a Greek word for( Trance) and being astonished by God, and obtaining revelations directly from the Lord. 

      A Pneumati is Greek for(Oracle's, Revelations, and direct interaction from God in a dream or vision).

      A Apokalupsis is Greek for( Mysteries, secrets, Kingdom Insight, Divine Brilliance, Direct Connection from God in a vision or dream). There is more details in our classes. We can send you the syllabuses if you like us too. 

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