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Week One Reading, Throwback Weekly Notes, by Apostle Teyshana Wiley...




1. BE READY (ALWAYS BE PRAYED UP) and have a word in your mouth. Always be willing to walk in your gifts. To walk in your purpose. To walk in your authority, and to be led by the Holy Spirit(MATH 10-Vs-8) We are able to heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, sickness, and disease, cast out devils, surely give, surely receive.

2. BE KIND (WE ARE LIVING EPISTLES) always watch by men. We are the image of God. Love is the greatest commandments, and love covers a multitude of sin. In addition, love and kindness have I drawn thee says the Lord. Being kind is one of the fruits of the spirit (GAL 5-Vs-22-24)

3. BE UNDERSTANDING (HAVE COMPASSION FOR PEOPLE) they may not have your strength-or-weakness, that you do so help them through tough times. Do not be quick to judge-or bash anyone for his or her shortcomings, struggles, errors, and tests. Encourage the individual and let them know they can make it and be very successful, in every area of their life (PHIL 4-Vs-13) I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST JESUS WHO STRENGTHS ME)

4. BE FOCUSED (ALWAYS KEEP YOUR MIND STAYED ON JESUS)-that is where our strength, faith, and peace is, being connected to the Lord of PEACE. Be transform by the renewing of your mind daily, it is a 24 hours, 365 days a year process. Because true deliverance and a major breakthrough starts in the mind. The battlefield is in the mind, and we have to remain focused no matter what we experience. 

5. BE STILL (PS 46-Vs-10) BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD) in ministry and being a leader, being still is one of the most important aspect. When we are still and in quietness, solitude, serene, and being still, God can really minister and speak to us effectively. Because he already know what we are going to ask him about before we ask him. He just wants us to be still, listen, and follow his instructions. JESUS said, my sheep know my voice and when a stranger come, they will not follow. 

6. BE QUIET (JAMES 1-Vs-19) my dear brother and sisters, be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry. When we are quiet along with being still, we are able to listen to God small still voice, and hear his audible voice. Most healing, breakthroughs, deliverance, and miracles manifest in our quietness. Being quiet allow us to hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying unto the church. Now think about this in the inner most part of yourself. How can we truly watch and pray of we are always talking, and have something to say all the time? Can we really hear God's small still voice, in a bunch of chaos? We have to learn how to self-discipline, self-motivate- and self-examine ourselves daily to learn how to control our mouths. Whenever, someone say some things about us we do not like we do not have to respond. We can pray and walk away and forgive, it is only a test, to see are we going to obey God's word. Let us keep it 100 and be honest, we have all fail that test a time or two. Well for the ones who are not going to be honest with oneself, yes we do, and most of the time we fail to many times to count. I am oh so guilty of that one personally however; God has taught me and yet still teaching me today. (PROV 15-Vs--1) (Gentle answer turns away wrath, and harsh words stir up anger). Being quiet is one of the greatest assets in ministry. 

7. BE WISE (YOU HAVE TO USE GREAT WISDOM IN MINISTRY) wisdom is the one of the greatest keys in ministry. If any man lacks wisdom, have him to ask (James 1 Vs-5). You have to deposit wisdom in your life daily in ministry. Because some things God will have you to share with individuals and some things, he will not. Why did you think that after Solomon became king, wisdom was the first thing he ask? (1 Kings 3). Because he knew, it would be more valuable that anything in life. He knew for these great people to numerous to count, wisdom was the main key factor he needed in his heart, mind, soul, and being. (PROV 3-Vs-2-4).

8. BE DISCERNING (ALWAYS WALK IN SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT) spiritual discernment is one of the main gifts that each leader, should posses and sharping daily in ministry. We have to be aware of our surroundings and where, what, and who we are entertaining. This is how we know what spirit we are dealing with. With spiritual discernment, we will know if it is the spirit of God speaking or a demonic spirit. We will be able to know what spirits to cast out. Activate your spiritual gifts on a daily basis, and sharping your spiritual eye, ears, and senses. Know that you have authority, dominion, and power (PS 8-Vs-6). God have given us spiritual gifts that will help us in walk in ministry and the Holy Spirit will assist us in anything we do not know or understand. Be motivated, be persistent, be disciplined, be determined, to accomplish every task that set before you, and you will BE SUCCESSFUL IN MINISTRY.




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Amen. Be Quiet is a great one because often times, people are quick to speak and slow to listen. Powerful teaching
This is powerful knowledge and this could and should be used daily.

Be available so that God can use you at any time so some one can be set free healed are delivered so they to can rreturnto there rightful place in God

Be available so that God can use you at any time so some one can be set free healed are delivered so they to can rreturnto there rightful place in God

Amen Glory


To be equipped/ also ready to be use by the lord.

God is talking to me.... Amen Jesus


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