God design for you to walk in GREATNESS, it is your PURPOSE Given BIRTHRIGHT.


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  • Are you purpose Driven? 

    My spirit says Yes I am. However, my soul battles with lack of faith in mycellf in some type of way which I have no idea why. We were taught that our soul says yes, now we know that our spirit says yes. I don’t know what hinders me from moving into my purpose. Forget my past, because it doesn't exist anymore. God help me to get my purpose driven. I activate my purpose to move forward in me right now in Jesus. I will say yes to my God so I don’t have that double mindedness. I am learning more about my purpose more than ever. 

    Are we walking in it? 

    I will say yes and no in a way. I know you went to say Apostle T there’s only one answer yes or now. I’m walking in it when it comes to studying for the classes. When it comes to real action for my children it seems like I get frozen or I freeze up. And that’s why I don’t want to have that double minded spirit. I cast that spirit out right now in Jesus. I have to do better in walking because my child depends on me to free them. And teach them about the one and only true God. 

    Are you ready to obtain it, and take ownershift of it?

    Yes God I take ownershift of it. I can’t keep sitting down and allowing my gifts to collect dust. I have to allow it to work and be used in the kingdom. And for our children, I think God gives us children for a reason. He gives us the ability to help these new souls he placed in us to guide them and to teach them the truth about God and themcellves. God wants us to destroy all the lies, fears, and damaging things that the world has created. So yes I am ready to help my children and others.


    Yes it is my Purpose given Birthright!!! No More Recess My God Allow me to Get My Purpose Right This Time My God!!!!!


    Now more-so than ever. We begin to evaluate our lives, taking a close look at where we are, what are we doing, and what are we doing here. We have to know that there is great purpose within us, and time has been wasted, and even in that we will not allow that to have us hindered. We shall keep speaking to our Kingdom of God, waiting, and listening to what He says and walk and operate in the words He has given, in other words no matter what be obedient. There are things that we have notice within ourcelves, that we are passionate about our God Given Purpose, we are truly purpose driven. We remember this “cannot see the forest for the trees”, we couldn’t see our real purpose less-a-lone the whole meaning it. We were focus to much on other things, what people said, how we begin to accept what was being said, My God, we didn’t recognize the bountiful beautifulness because of the crowded unsightliness, coming from walking in unknowledgeable, the off the path syndrome. But Now we are awaken and recognizing the wholeness of our calling, purpose and divine assignment.   


    Understanding what our God giving purpose is, we begin to speak, we begin to let it know that we recognize her, and we are definitely going to treat it with respect and take great care of her.  There were decisions that needed to be consider and determine and make a move toward them. It’s time to begin to walk in everything God has given. There is a combination with speaking to the kingdom of God and speaking to our purpose, when we speak to our Kingdom of God, it initiates our speaking to our purpose, to gain knowledge, understanding in it all.  All pieces have begun to make sense and come together, the more we speak, wait, and listen, the more closer we are of walking in our God Given Purpose.

    Are YOU READY TO OBTAIN IT, and take OWNERSHIP of it?

    We are so determined to obtain it, this is awesome, taking time to know, taking time to search, taking time to reach the point of knowing who you are and what is the reason you are here. Because we can’t be ready to obtain nor take ownership if we don’t know what we are nor who we are. We are more than ready, we are serious about our purpose, because our assignment is ready for us. We know that it takes more than just obtain, and having ownership we must maintain, take care of our purpose, cherish it, love it, and protect it as well. God have given us instructions and we are listening and launching out. God givens us these words; NO MORE and every time we turn around that is what we are saying, No More of lacking, allow others to distract us, nor ourselves,



  • ARE YOU PURPOSE DRIVEN? Honeslty Yes...I Am I would Love to Find out More about my Purpose and all thats in store for me. I would to explore on the Way to it. Now that i Know my Purpose been closer to me then i Thought im more driven now then i was in pass to see through it alll the way this time. I speak to My Purpose more and im eager to see what all there is to see. 

    AND ARE YOU WALKING IN IT!? I will say about my Purpose im walking toward it..I feel i am now going the right direction. Just need to stay and keep the course God is showing me. Keep Following the visions when He is communicating to me. I Believe all will be Well and Bless and i will have reached it with Flawnesses before i know it. 

    Are YOU READY TO OBTAIN IT, and take OWNERSHIP of it? Yes im ready...I know this Purpose of mine is going to tkake far and high into another realm and place with God i never knew of and im reeady for this chance with nd Purpose. He purpose have been here the whole time and i never knew it Im glad that im able to speak to Him directly. im excited over all for the things to come with Purpose. 

    God design for you to walk in GREATNESS, it is your PURPOSE Given BIRTHRIGHT. Im Glad He design for Me to Walk in such Greatness and that it is My BirthRight. So in that case i will keep abiding in the word of God. For Given me such an amazing gift since Birth..Love how God comes in and turns yoyr life around for the better. And others around you as well. So meeting my purpose is not just going to affect me but those around me as well whover is around me at the time. 

  • Yes lord I am ready to do what your purpose is for my life.

  • I am ready for all that god has for me. I've wasted too much time already...

  • amen glory
  • Yes Iam  ready for all that God has for me to do in this life time so that I may hear him say well done my faithful humble servant 

  • I'm purpose driven!! Praying for more focus and God to order my steps like never before!
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