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Grief Support and Assistance Divine Healing Group


Grief Support and Assistance Divine Healing Group

The Holy Bible Stated in Psalms 62:8, "Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us. Selah." (KJV).  This is where we can come together to trust in God at all times during our grieving process and to pour out our heart before God so that we can allow God to be our refuge and to help us to deal with the grief of losing a loved one.  If you would like to deal with the grief associated with losing a loved one, we are here to love on you, listen to you, give you Biblical sound advice backed up with Scripture from The Holy Bible.  This is where we can come together to grieve and heal divinely in God, our Heavenly Father.  Pastor Mother Pat and Apostle Trina Davis along with the Ministerial Staff is here to assist you in anyway possible as you go through the five stages of grief.  "Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her 1969 book On Death and Dying stated the following, The 5 stages of grief and loss are: 1. Denial and isolation; 2. Anger; 3. Bargaining; 4. Depression; 5. Acceptance. People who are grieving do not necessarily go through the stages in the same order or experience all of them." (Axelrod, J. (2018). The 5 Stages of Grief & Loss. Psych Central. Retrieved on March 5, 2018, from https://psychcentral.com/lib/the-5-stages-of-loss-and-grief/).

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