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Platinum Ruby University Classroom


Platinum Ruby University Classroom

This is your Platinum Ruby University Classroom(PRU), where each New Inspiring Platinum Trailblazers(New Students) go to class for the next year. Each week your class syllabus will be posted here. Your reading Materiel, sign in sheet, and your classmates. Whatever you need will be in this classroom, for your Academic Ministerial Spiritual Journey. Get ready to be on a new MISSION with CHRIST!

You can be eligible to receive your degree within 15-to-20 months by using your life and ministry experience as credits. Our primary objective at P.R.U is to provide each student with necessary knowledge and credentials needed to enhance their ministry and get called to churches who are searching for the exclusive influential leaders to lead them in the 21st century. 

Platinum Ruby University is an accredited university, if you have a desire to achieve your degree, in biblical studies, and gifts in the five-fold prophetic flow, Hebrew languages, and much more this is the place for you. 

Your life and ministry experiences are your qualifications for Platinum Ruby University. 

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PRU Final/Exam for One academic year!

Started by Queen Chief Apostle T(M. W.) Dec 9, 2018. 0 Replies

Blessings (PRU) Trailblazers, this is your final class CRANK Up Quiz, yes you read it correctly; this is your Final Quiz/Exam for the year. Please, do not post your answers here, post them up in your individual forum(inbox) thank you? This Quiz/Exam is due by 12/28/18 at midnight your time zone.This quiz is a recap of all the articles, and reading materials you have read in the last year.…Continue

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WealthDominionaire Final Semester(Week Two) Class Syllabus

Started by Queen Chief Apostle T(M. W.) Dec 4, 2018. 0 Replies

(Final Semester/Week Two) Class Syllabus Blessings%2C%20Favor%2C%20and%20Faith%20eBook%202.pdfRead, take notes, and leave comments.Objectives:1.1: What is a WealthDominionaire? What are Blessings? What is Faith? What is Favor? What is Prosperity?1.2:…Continue

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Comment by Apostle Trina Davis on January 19, 2019 at 9:47pm

The Mordecai Mandate    

Loving God and Others: 

Engaging in the Public Square: 

Speaking Out Against Corruption: 

Exposing Injustice: 

Standing in the Face of Intimidation and Threats: 

Standing in the Gap for the People: 

Being Informed and Prepared: 

Speaking the Word of the Lord: 

Becoming an Ambassador of National Prayer: 


Mordecai paved the way for his people (the Jews), With breakthrough prayers and appointments in the community square. His persistence and perseverance during uncertainties and threats show a man with a mandate – an assignment from the Lord. His story reveals several strategic keys for effective prayer and engagement as we seek wisdom and discernment in confronting wickedness in high places.  Mordecai Mandate – this commission to stand in the gap, take action, and be an example that will inspire and motivate others to be change agents in our communities and nation.  Mordecai illustrates the truth of Psalm 75:7, “It is God who judges: / He brings one down, he exalts another,” and Psalm 147:6, “The LORD sustains the humble / but casts the wicked to the ground.” Mordecai’s faithfulness and integrity put him in good stead with the king of Persia, and his concern for his Jewish compatriots brought the blessing of God.

Comment by Apostle Trina Davis on January 16, 2019 at 11:42pm

Comment by Queen Chief Apostle T(M. W.) on January 16, 2019 at 9:49pm

Blessings PRU Trailblazers, how are you doing on this wonderful night? Your Degrees are in the mail, and you will see them all by Tuesday 1/8/19, no later than Saturday. I also, personally texted, inbox you in your individual forum, and FB message you all as well. I am so excited and overjoyed for you all. 
Can you please let me know when you receive them, thank you?
Don't forget to tell everyone you know about the University, and all the powerful studies you learn, last year?

Love you all, and may you have a Wealthlistic night on Purpose GN Agape~

Comment by Queen Chief Apostle T(M. W.) on January 16, 2019 at 1:04am

Blessings PRU Trailblazers, how are you doing on this Terrific night? Your final grades are posted, and you all will receive your Degrees in the mail by Tuesday 1/22/19. I am so ecstatic for you all. You went hard in the paint for God this whole year in class.

Can you please let me know when you receive them, thank you?

Don't forget to tell everyone you know about the University, and all the powerful studies you learn, last year?

Love you all, and may you have a Tremendously Blessed night on Purpose GN Agape~

Comment by Senior Pastor Prophetess Monique on January 14, 2019 at 8:47pm

Blessings RPEL:

Have you shared God with someone on today? Did you even talk about God with someone on today? Did you share your Blessimony on today too? Something to talk about and think about on today.  God is too great and amazing for you to keep him all to yourself too.


Senior Pastor Syanika

Comment by Queen Chief Apostle T(M. W.) on January 7, 2019 at 1:42pm

Blessings and GA PRU Trailblazers, how are you all doing on this Marvelous day? Can you please inbox me or leave a comment in the classroom, of your address, city, state, and zip code? Therefore we will have the information when we mail off your degree certificates.

I will have all grades and certificate mailed out by next week, thank you again for spending, learning, celebrating, and propelling with Platinum Ruby University.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 

May you all have a Moniblissfully Favored day on Purpose Agape:-)

Comment by Apostle Trina Davis on December 28, 2018 at 6:02pm

God bless everyone, I pray you all do excellent on your final exam... Agape

Comment by Queen Chief Apostle T(M. W.) on December 27, 2018 at 7:01pm

Blessings and GE PRU Trailblazers, how are you all doing on this Triumph evening?

I will give you all until Monday 12/31/18 to complete, and turn in your Final exam, due to our network being refreshed.

If you have any questions, comments, or remarks, please feel free to inbox me. Thank you all for your patience, and may you have a Trifectally Blessed night on Purpose Agape

Comment by Domonique Smith on December 9, 2018 at 12:37am

I have read 16to33 ebook reading. it was definitely what I needed to read specially about the money tree speaking on what the grid saying to me and what it was to me was that how it is for some folks and I believe the children of God were the blue line, of favor. amen. I love the encouraging pep talk quotes where it tells you to have an idea and plan and take action on which will lead to success. I love how it lets you know we were made to be our own boss was born to be and it even gives you a list of the traits bottom line we were all into success to help and assist others. God design us to be bosses and to believe we can sale our products it even went on to tell us how God first product was us the earth the people. I enjoyed the reading so well I had to read the ending but I enjoyed it. Even on the subject about the Anointing and it uses our brain it asks why is it split in to threes that was a good question mind soul and spirit mines nail down to the Father the Son and Holy Spirit. Its what enters my mind and the 3 is well known for it as well the working of God .Amen. that's what I got out of it and I enjoyed it amen. glory.

Comment by Domonique Smith on December 7, 2018 at 5:43am

Amen I have listen to Week 1 class syllabus and I have to say I enjoyed it  and got a good laugh out of it. I have learn that mating means your cover in God. I learn that Riches is wealth so is Joy  is Riches laughing sleeping. I learn you should love every part of yourself and how love and anioted go together.  learn How Yahshuwa said he will be the light whoever follow me will have life filled with light and never live in the dark.  and about SSS Supernically Supreme Successful. I have drawn in all this information. this is definitely going to help me with obtaining my multiple millionaire status for we all are millionaires. God desire for us all to be so to help those in poverty and to assist and preach a word to the lost. I'm truly Honor to learn this and I have no questions yet I'm going back over it though because I know then I will have a question. this was a power message and exactly what I needed to hear definitely taking it serious and definitely going to be applying this to my daily life and I'm going with my Big Brother Jesus he is definitely the Light to follow. Amen I have to say joining the spiritual Family was the best move I ever made. God is working all the time teaching how to obtain wealth and I'm definitely applying it to my whole life in Jesus name Amen. 


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