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Blessings Platinum(PRU) Trailblazers, this is your final Exam CRANK Up Quiz. Please, do not post your answers here, post them up in your individual forum(inbox) thank you? 

This Quiz/Exam is due by 10/20/18 at midnight your time zone. You have twelve days to complete this exam, if you need more time, please contact me.  I will only give you a couple days after the 20th to complete this assignment. It is 200% of your Final Grade and GPA. If you are late, without contacting me, it will be 150% of your final grade. 

If you cannot fit all the answers or questions in your Individual Forum(Inbox) you can submit it in a PDF format. You must submit it as an attachment, no exceptions. 


This quiz is a recap of all the articles, and reading materials you have read in the last four weeks. This is a recap of all the live class connect calls, DQ's, extra credit, and assignments for the last four weeks. All of your answers will be in the textbook, articles, teachings, and class connect call, go back over all of your answers, fellow classmates remarks, and previous syllabuses. Go back and look at all of the comments as well.

These questions must be answered, by information, from the reading material/articles, textbooks, extra credit, old assignments, and insight that you have learned over the last four weeks. You can add, your extra resources and quotations to your answer, however, always be original and add your tone to each answer. 

You are a voice in this universe, and you are part of the five-fold ministry with the anointing of God.

Remember the syllabus is your roadmap to success. 

Breath in, out, relax, pray, and let God lead you in the path of Excellence. 

Here is your reading textbook, where you will be able to find some answers. 


Here are the last four weeks class syllabuses.

WK 1: https://iamaruby.com/group/pruclassroom/forum/topics/aposproparwk1

WK 2: https://iamaruby.com/group/pruclassroom/forum/topics/aposproparwk2

WK 3: https://iamaruby.com/group/pruclassroom/forum/topics/aposproparwk3

WK 4: https://iamaruby.com/group/pruclassroom/forum/topics/aposproparwk4

Have fun, explore, and enjoy the adventures of your Kingdom mind.

Congratulations, you all have completed the third semester of this great spiritual journey.  

I am so Godly proud of you all. Remember, you are Champions, Warriors, and Trailblazers, and equipped to accomplish any task God gives you. Now let's get it, and let's go to work :-)

1. What are the Five steps of a Seer?

2. What is the Mordecai mandate?

3. What are the four realms of the Prophetic Flow?

4. Why did the Prophets lie to King Ahab and King Jehoshaphat?

5. What was the Seer name who spoke the truth to the two Kings, and what chapter is this revelational story in?

6. What is the Apostolic Anointing?

7. What are the nine Apostolic and Prophetic Word?

8. What is a knowledge vision?

9. What are the four words of Multiplication?

10. What is the acronym for Horama?

11. What is the difference between the gift of prophecy and the office of a prophet?

12. What is Spiritual Combustion?

13. What is the seven Apostolic Worship Realms?

14. What is the acronym for KIA?

15. What are the four functions of a Prophet?

16. What are the ten Prophetic steps?

17. What are the gifts and duties of the Five-Fold Ministry? Explain in details each purpose and call of every gift?

18. What is the word of wisdom?

19. What are the Three Parts of Prophecy?

20. What is the difference between a prophet and a seer?

21. What is Onar?

22. What is the Prophetic Flow?

23. What is the word of knowledge?

24. What is the acronym for FLOW?

25. What is a motion picture vision?

26. Who was the Prophet, Jonah, was he a Prophet or a Seer?

27. What is Apostolic Healing?

28. What are the Seven Dimensional Realms of the Apostolic Anointing?

29. What is the difference between the dreamer and a visionary? 

30. What is Horasis?

31. What does the color, blue, red, and white mean?

32. Who was the Prophetess Huldah, was she a Prophet or a Seer?

33. What is the word of understanding and word of encouragement?

34. What are the Fifteen anointing keys?

35. Who was the Prophet Hosea, was he a Prophet or a Seer?

36. What does the number 3, 7, 10, and 12 mean?

37. Who is the Apostle Mathew, and what was his characteristic? Can you relate to his call and purpose?

38. What is Optasia? 

39. What is the Enoch and Abel Anointing?

40.  What does the word prophecy mean?

41. Who was the Prophet Jeremiah, was he a Prophet or a Seer?

42.  Why do you think God declared, that we will have visions, dreams, and walk in the spirit?

43. What Nations do you want to touch, and why do you want to touch this nation?

44. What is a Pneumati?

45. What are the Zechariah visions anointing? 

46.Who is Jesus, what is his characteristics in the Five-Fold? Why was he the greatest Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher? Who is he to you, and what Apostolic demonstration he manifested, that you desire to do as well? Why did you choose this miracle?

47. What are the twenty Prophetic breakthroughs secrets?

48. What is the Apostolic and Prophetic Mantle, and the other five attributes with it?

49. What is a trance, outer body experience, and the third dimension of the Heavens? According to your studies(not from Google, look in the class for this information) thank you.

50. What is a Prophetic intercessor? Do you think you are a Prophetic Intercessor?

51. What is Horama? What is a Dream? What is the difference between the two?

52.  What are the ramifications of getting identity from Apostolic Anointing/Gifting and Prophetic Flow instead of calling?

53. What is the paradigm shift of a Seer? What is the shift in Biblical days? Do you think this paradigm shift going forth right now? Are you ready to walk in this shift? Do you think the Body of Christ is equipped for this shifting?

54. What was your favorite week study, topic, article, or reading during the last five weeks?

55. What does it mean to dream about a car, apple, water, and grass?

56. Do you have any questions, comments, or remarks for me?

May you have a Supersonic Supernatural Manifestation night on Purpose GN Agape~

(Apostle Teyshana Wiley)


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