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Apostolic and Prophetic Flow Anointing Realms

(Week Four) Class Syllabus 


Read, take notes, and leave comments.

1.1: What is the Prophetic, the four realms of it, that demonstrate the Kingdom of God? Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge, Word of Understanding, and Words of Encouragement

1.2: What is the Seers Anointing, with Prophetic Dreams, Horama Part 2 (the Greek word for Visions)

1.3: What is the Apostolic Anointing, and the 7 Dimensional Realms of it

1.4: What is Oracle's, Revelations, Kingdom secrets, Biblical Prophecy, and Prophetic formulas(numbers)

1.5: (Final Week, Exam/Quiz)


Preparation and Reading Material: JAMES%20W.%20GOLL-The%20Seer%20Expanded%20Edition.pdf

Read all teachings, articles, take notes, comment, and get prepared for your assignment:

Prophetess Huldah: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/prophldhbio

Breakthroughs of Secrets: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/breakthofscts

Realms and Revelations of Numbers: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/realmsnrevnmbs

What about tongues: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/whabttngs

Biblical Breakdown: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/biblicalbrdnm

Many Numbers: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/mannbr

Colors, and Items: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/ciamt

Enoch and Abel Anointing: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/ennabl

10 Steps: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/10psoa

Time to see: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/time2c

Mordecai Mandate: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/mordecam

Pillars of his voice: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/pilohv

Apostle Mathew Bio: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/apostlemthbio

What is Bible Prophecy: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/whatisbp

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Sources of Revelation Assesment!

Son of man, prophesy against the prophets…who are following
their own spirit and have seen nothing (Ezekiel 13:2-3).

The Scriptures indicate that spiritual revelation or communication comes from any one of three sources: the Holy Spirit, the human soul, or the realm of evil spirits. The need for discernment in this area is obvious.
The Holy Spirit is the only true source of revelation (see 2 Pet. 1:21). It was the Holy Spirit who “moved” the prophets of the Old Testament and the witnesses of the New Testament. The Greek word for “moved,” phero, means “to be borne along” or even “to be driven along as a wind” The human soul is capable of voicing thoughts, ideas, and inspirations out of the unsanctified portion of our emotions (see Ezek. 13:1-6; Jer. 23:16). These human inspirations are not necessarily born of God. As Ezekiel the prophet said, they are prophecies “out of their own hearts…Woe unto the foolish prophets, that follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing” (Ezek. 13:2-3 KJV).
Evil spirits operate with two characteristics common to their master. They can appear as “angels of light” (or as “good voices”), and they always speak lies, because they serve the chief liar and the father of lies, satan. We need to “test” every source and aspect of the revelation—whether it be a dream, apparition, spoken word, or other types.

The Self Test:
1. Is there any evidence of influences other than the Spirit of God in my life?
2. What is the essence of the “vision” or revelation? (How does it compare to God’s written Word?)
3. Was I under the control of the Holy Spirit when I received the vision?
4. Have I presented my life to Jesus Christ as a living sacrifice?
5. Have I been obedient to His Word?
6. Am I being enlightened with His inspiration?

7. Am I committed to doing His will, no matter what it is?
8. Am I yielding my life to the praises of God or to critical speech?
9. Am I waiting quietly and expectantly before Him?

How to Understand The Source of the Self Test:
1. Have I cut off all pictures put before my mind’s eye by satan using the blood of Jesus?
2. Have I presented the eyes of my heart to the Lord for Him to fill?
3. Has the Holy Spirit projected on the inner screen of my heart the flow of vision and all that He desires?

Nine Scriptural Tests

Ezekiel 14 Names of God Bible (NOG)

Idolaters Condemned

14 Some of Israel’s leaders came to me and sat down in front of me. Then Yahweh spoke his word to me. He said, “Son of man, these people are devoted to their idols, and they are allowing themselves to fall into sin. Should they be allowed to ask me for help?

“So speak to them. Tell them, ‘This is what Adonay Yahweh says: Suppose an Israelite is devoted to idols and allows himself to fall into sin. Suppose he goes to a prophet to ask for my help. I, Yahweh, will give that Israelite an answer, the answer that his many idols deserve. I will do this to recapture the hearts of the nation of Israel. They have deserted me because of their disgusting idols.’

“So tell the nation of Israel, ‘This is what Adonay Yahweh says: Change the way you think and act! Turn away from your idols, and don’t return to any of your disgusting things. Suppose an Israelite or a foreigner who lives in Israel deserts me by devoting himself to idols and by allowing himself to fall into sin. If he goes to a prophet to ask for my help, I, Yahweh, will give him an answer. I will reject him, and I will make an example of him. I will exclude him from my people. Then you will know that I am Yahweh.

“‘If a prophet is tricked into giving a prophecy, it is I, Yahweh, who tricked the prophet. I will use my power against you and destroy you from among my people Israel. 10 Both of you will suffer for your sins. The prophet will be as guilty as you are when you ask for his help. 11 Then the people of Israel will no longer wander away from me. They will no longer dishonor me with all their sins. Then they will be my people, and I will be their Elohim, declares Adonay Yahweh.’”

12 Yahweh spoke his word to me. He said, 13 “Son of man, suppose a country sins against me by being unfaithful to me. I will use my power against it, cut off its food supply, send a famine to it, and destroy its people and animals. 14 Even if these three men—Noah, Daniel, and Job—were in that country, they would, by their righteousness, rescue only themselves,” declares Adonay Yahweh.

15 “Suppose I send wild animals through that country and they make it childless and turn it into such a wasteland that no one travels through it because of the animals. 16 As I live, declares Adonay Yahweh, not even Noah, Daniel, and Job could rescue their own sons or daughters. They could rescue only themselves. And the country would become a wasteland.

17 “Suppose I bring a war against that country by saying, ‘I will let a war go throughout this country.’ Suppose I destroy the people and the animals in it. 18 As I live, declares Adonay Yahweh, not even Noah, Daniel, and Job could rescue their sons or daughters. They could rescue only themselves.

19 “Suppose I send a plague into that country or pour out my fury on it by killing people and destroying animals. 20 As I live, declares Adonay Yahweh, not even Noah, Daniel, and Job could, by their righteousness, rescue their sons or daughters. They could rescue only themselves.

21 “This is what Adonay Yahweh says: I will surely send four terrible punishments against Jerusalem. I will send wars, famines, wild animals, and plagues. They will destroy people and animals. 22 But some people will survive. Some of your sons and daughters will be brought out. When they come out to you, you will see how they live. Then you will be comforted after the disasters that I will bring on Jerusalem, after every disaster that I will bring against it. 23 You will be comforted when you see how they live. Then you will know that everything I have done was done for a reason,” declares Adonay Yahweh.

After reading the word of God above answer each question below: 
1. Does the revelation edify, exhort, or console?
2. Is it in agreement with God’s Word?
3. Does it exalt Jesus Christ?
4. Does it have good fruit?
5. If it predicts a future event, does it come to pass?
6. Does the prophetic prediction turn people toward God or away from Him?
7. Does it produce liberty or bondage?

8. Does it produce life or death?
9. Does the Holy Spirit bear witness that it is true?
Look at a recent revelation you have either received or witnessed.
Go through each test and evaluate the revelation based on these nine
questions. What have you learned doing this exercise?

What was your favorite reading/article teaching this week?

Do you have any questions, comments, or remarks for me?

May you have a Supernatural Manifesting night on Purpose Agape :-)

 Post in your individual forum(inbox).

This is assignment is (60%) of your grade. 
Answer these questions in your inbox
Due by Sunday at Midnight in your time zone 10/7/18
Get prepared for weekly quizzes and Checkpoints until the final assignments
Remember, the syllabus is your roadmap to success in your ministerial journey. Always check it regularly to make sure you have completed all of your weekly tasks. Let's get ready to CRANK IT UP. We are CHOSEN for the OIL and walk in the MILLENNIUM. Oh yes, All the days of our lives, we are a MAGNET for the Blessings from God....
Chief Apostle Teyshana Wiley

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Enjoyed the reading i did about the 15 steps 9 steps. That follow and how to accurately hear. God tp know for sure it was him or not. Or yourself or the devil. Was very helpful and to discern between lets me know i been on the right path so far i really enjoyed it when speaking on how to know for sure if it edify you or is it negative which would be from the no name. If its from God its going to uplift your spirit and inspire you. And i was reading about when saying how we need to be careful in speaking what God said not add anything. And how we need to be clear in our mind. Totally focus and mind clear. Make sure you not going off of self. Also about how readimg the word and going to Apostle and teachers and pastor with help understanding a deeper understanding of the word of God. Cause we can tell you all we want but what we say has to line up with scripture . Amen. What i read also that capture me was the part about mostly knowing when someone is operating in the spirit when speaking to you. If its false or not. Because if they are not a false prophet they word will come to past that they got from God. If not you know the answer. Things at the end of the day shouldbalways lead back to christ .If not its not from him. So i alot out of the reading. No questions as of yet though. But love how it describes how you should be thinking about to see if it adds up being from God or not.ammen.

The more I read this book the deeper it for me. We must be very careful when it comes to receiving and even giving a prophecy. As the book states there are guidelines that should be followed. Looking at 2 Corinthians 10:5 our spiritual warfare began with our thoughts and how they are aligned with the Word of God. Trying the spirit by the spirit is one thing we must do because of so many false teachers and prophets that we must be aware of their assignments. As it states in 1 John 4:5 that we should be looking at the content. Do the world hear them or does the believers hear them? If they speak of the world then the content is not of God. The fruit they produce is important .You can not plant grapes and get oranges nor can you split a peach seed and mix with an apple seed and call it and peachapple. You can not distort nor can you alter the genetic make up of God. Either it is pure or tainted. I am truly loving this book. I must buy it for my personal collection. 

I've enjoyed this book tremendously and have ordered it so I can refer back to it from time to time. In everything we do, we must put God first.  In todays world a lots of times people in  the Church has a fear of being deceived and a fear of the unknown, but they have to have faith and trust that God is a keeper and will protect us from all evil.  We just have to follow his light, stay prayed up and lined up with the Word....


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