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Blessings Platinum(PRU) Trailblazers, this is your final Exam CRANK Up Quiz. Please, do not post your answers here, post them up in your individual forum(inbox) thank you? 

This Quiz/Exam is due by 6/27/18 at midnight your time zone. You have ten days to complete this exam, if you need more time, please contact me. It is 200% of your Final Grade and GPA. If you are late, without contacting me, it will be 150% of your final grade. 


This quiz is a recap of all the articles, and reading materials you have read in the last four weeks. This is a recap of all the live class connect calls, DQ's, extra credit, and assignments for the last four weeks. All of your answers will be in the textbook, articles, teachings, and class connect call, go back over all of your answers, fellow classmates remarks, and previous syllabuses. Go back and look at all of the comments as well. These questions must be answered, by information, from the reading material/articles, textbooks, extra credit, old assignments, and insight that you have learned over the last four weeks. You can add, your extra resources and quotations to your answer, however, always be original and add your tone to each answer. 

You are a voice in this universe, and you are part of the five-fold ministry with the anointing of God.

Remember the syllabus is your roadmap to success. 

Breath in, out, relax, pray, and let God lead you in the path of Excellence. 

Here is your reading textbook, where you will be able to find some answers. 


Here are the last four weeks class syllabuses.

WK 1: http://iamaruby.com/group/pruclassroom/forum/topics/ffearp2cs

WK 2: http://iamaruby.com/group/pruclassroom/forum/topics/ffearpwk2cs

WK 3: http://iamaruby.com/group/pruclassroom/forum/topics/ffearpwk3cs

WK 4: http://iamaruby.com/group/pruclassroom/forum/topics/ffearpwk4cs

Have fun, explore, and enjoy the adventures of your Kingdom mind.

Congratulations, you all have completed the second semester of this great spiritual journey.  

I am so Godly proud of you all. Remember, you are Champions, Warriors, and Trailblazers, and equipped to accomplish any task God gives you. Now let's get it, and let's go to work :-)

1. Who is Jezebel?

2. What are the characteristics of this ancient spirit?

3. What does Jeremiah 10 tell us about worshiping of the tree?

4. Who is the ancient spirit belphegor?

5. According to the textbook, what is another word for expel?

6. What is the meaning of the seven days of the week?

7. What is the spirit of religion? 

8. How does this ancient spirit affect the Body of Christ?

9. What are the fifteen demonic objects?

10.  Who is incubus?

11. Who is a succubus?

12. What are the eight facts of the no name?

13. What is the meaning of the twelve months?

14. Who is the ancient spirit abaddon?

15. What are the nature and activity of demons?

16. What is the six activity of demons?

17. Who is lilith?

18. What are satan's favorite tactics, and what are the seven strategies?

19. Who is baal?

20. Who is beelzebub?

21. Nine steps of letting go of fear?

22. What are sicknesses that are caused by demonic spirits?

23. What is and who is the ancient spirit python?

24. Who is the queen of heaven, and what are her tactics, and why?

25. Why did King Manasseh, sacrifice his children to the fire, and what spirits was behind it?

26. How did Jesus deal with demons, and why should you apply these same principles? 

27. What would you have done differently if you were Evangelist Shia Mctoy, and why did you choose this answer?

28.  What ancient spirit is behind racism?

29. How do you detect negative spirits, and what are the common symptoms? 

30. What are the three Greek expressions for demons?

31. What is an ungodly soul tie, what are the six steps in destroying it, and why is it important to destroy it? 

32. What is a std?

33. Who is levithan?

34. Who molech?

35. What spirit was behind the people not listening to the Seer Jeremiah, and do you think that spirit is still in the church today?

36. What are the twenty steps of a spiritual death caused by an occult, and what are the characteristics?

37. What is spiritual warfare, and why do(Eph 6) tell us to activate and put on the whole armor of God?

38. What is the Greek word for demon?

39. What are the two distinct entities for a demon?

40. What is the truth behind binding, loosing, casting out, and rebuke? Why do you think the Body of Christ does not use the proper method? Why do you think leaders in the church, are afraid of the truth?

41. What are demonic spirits, sin, entities, and the three worst enemies(in-a-me) of life?

42. What was your favorite topic during the last four weeks?

43. What strategies you have learned over the past five weeks, you will use in your personal life to expel, cast, and eliminate demons?

Do you have any closing remarks, questions, or comments you have for me concerning  FEAr(Faith Eliminates All religion) course?

(Apostle Teyshana Wiley)


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