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(Final Semester/Week Two) Class Syllabus 


Read, take notes, and leave comments.

1.1: What is a WealthDominionaire? What are Blessings? What is Faith? What is Favor? What is Prosperity?

1.2: What is a Seed? What is a Tithe? What are all the benefits of God? How do I manifest this Wealth, Prosperity, Overflow, and Kingdom Promises into my life?

1.3: Final Semester(Exam/Quiz)


Preparation and Reading Material: Blessings%2C%20Favor%2C%20and%20Faith%20eBook%202.pdf

Read all teachings, articles, take notes, comment, and get prepared for your assignment:

Apostolic Manifestations: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/apostolicmani

King Hezekiah: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/kinghezemoaw

What is a Seed: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/whatisaseed

Why God Commands tithing: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/whygodcommantthe

Queen Abigail: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/queenabijoy

Propel Wealth Transfers: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/propelwlthtrf

Peace Springing: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/peacesringn

Apostle Paul Prayer: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/apostlepaulprayer

Signs you are an entrepreneur: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/multiplentrepreneur

What is a Tithe: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/whatisatithe

Scriptures on Tithes and Sowing: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/scriptontheswn

Portable Cathedral of Wealth: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/portabcowlth

7 Work Commandments: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/sevenworkcommandments

Supernatural Harvest: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/supernhrvst

Power to get Wealth: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/power2gtwwa


This is(20%)of your grade.

Due by Friday each week, at midnight your time.

Read pages in your text book 16-through-33 on this week. Then leave a comment in  our classroom, in the comment section for 10% of your grade. 

It is due by each Friday Midnight on your time zone

Attendance Weekly Sign in Sheet: http://iamaruby.com/group/pruclassroom/page/n2018sis
Participation: interacting with your classmates, commenting on their posts twice a week.
This is (10%) of your grade due by Sunday at midnight each week.
Lve- Weekly Class Connect Conference Calls:

No Class connect call on this week. We will talk about this week topic on WK 2. Then we will talk about week 2 during the final week. Thank you
It is mandatory, call every week, I will keep you all posted on which day there is class.

Be looking out for the playback link, inbox, and email message for our live class connect calls. 
Or you can listen in with any device at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/platinumruby

This call is (10%) of your grade.
No exceptions unless work, emergency, and you contact me, or one of the teachers, three hours before the class call. 
This is the only way you will be excused, other than that it will be (20%) of your grade
Extra Credit, Leave a comment below(In the article/teaching)

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Due by Sunday at Midnight.
Tithe, Seed, and WealthDominionaire Sermon!

Write an Essay on the objectives below:

If you cannot fit all the answers or questions in your Individual Forum(Inbox) you can submit it in a PDF format. You can submit it as an attachment.

What is Wealth?

What does wealth mean to you?

What is a Tithe?

What does tithing mean to you?

How has tithing blessed your life?

Why do you think people do not tithe as they supposed too?

Why do you think the Body of Christ is the only place, where the people are afraid to give?

What is a Seed?

What does a seed mean to you?

How has sowing a seed naturally, spiritually, financially, and intellectually blessed your life?

What do you desire your seed and tithe to do for you in the next 365 days?

What are the Kingdom benefits of God?

What is Prosperity?

What does Prosperity mean to you?

What is Abundance?

What does Abundance mean to you?

What are the Seven Commandments of being an Entrepreneur?

Who are your favorite 3 examples of Kingdom Wealth?

Why did you choose these individuals? 

Who do you have in your life you can look up to for Kingdom Wealth advice?

Do you-or-have you ever had your own business before? 

What would you say to a new business owner, that you have learned from your experience?

What is your favorite Kingdom Wealthy Promises in the word of God?

Why did you choose these scriptures?

What was your favorite reading/article teaching this week, that will help you be a wise steward?

Do you have any questions, comments, or remarks for me?

May you have a Marvelous day on Purpose Agape :-)

 Post in your individual forum(inbox).

This is assignment is (50%) of your grade. 
Answer these questions in your inbox
Due by Sunday at Midnight in your time zone 12/9/18
Get prepared for weekly quizzes and Checkpoints until the final assignments
Remember, the syllabus is your roadmap to success in your ministerial journey. Always check it regularly to make sure you have completed all of your weekly tasks. Let's get ready to CRANK IT UP. We are CHOSEN for the OIL and walk in the MILLENNIUM. Oh yes, All the days of our lives, we are a MAGNET for the Blessings from God....
Chief Apostle Teyshana Wiley

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