The courses, training opportunities, and materials, as well as instructions, are intended for educational purposes. They are neither designed to give legal advice nor take the place of appropriate legal, professional, or medical consultation. As laws vary from State to State and from, Country/Providence to Country /Province, participants are advised to discuss any specific question(s) with the proper authority (ies). The purpose of this information is to equip learners to more fully understand the needs of individuals, and to be able to offer motivational, inspirational, and supportive information.


(Final Semester/Week One) Class Syllabus 


Read, take notes, and leave comments.

1.1: What is a WealthDominionaire? What are Blessings? What is Faith? What is Favor? What is Prosperity?

1.2: What is a Seed? What is a Tithe? What are all the benefits of God? How do I manifest this Wealth, Prosperity, Overflow, and Kingdom Promises into my life?

1.3: Final Semester(Exam/Quiz)


Preparation and Reading Material: Blessings%2C%20Favor%2C%20and%20Faith%20eBook%202.pdf

Read all teachings, articles, take notes, comment, and get prepared for your assignment:

The Strategic of Kingdom Wealth: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/tsdokw

Walk in True Wealth: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/walkntruwlth

4 Elements of Financial plan: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/4eofp

8 B's of Wealth: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/8bsofwealth

10 Millionaire Commandments: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/10millcmdbdt

Faith Powers: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/faithpowers

God's Economy: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/godseconomy

7 Millionaire Secrets: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/7scrtsofml

God is changing your Wealth: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/godischngurwlth

Questions about my Wealth: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/questaboumywlth

Wealth, Blessings, Faith, and Favor: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/wlthblsnfthfvrdcl

What can I do to be better: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/whatcanidbtter

Are you ready for God splendor: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/areureadyforgodsplndr

God Heavens open: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/godopnheavnsdmn

First 30, 101 Wisdom Keys Recap: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/first30wkrcp

Propel Prayer of Goshen: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/propelprayofgoshn

Winning Manual: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/winningntce

Propel Wealth Sciptures: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/propelbfwfsc

God is doing something BIG: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/godisdbgbypm

Propel Acronyms: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/propelacrn4prsty

Spiritual and Natural Resources: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/spiritnatrrs

Prosperity Prayer by Apostle John Eckhardt: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/prosptypraje

Wealth Transfer Command: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/wealthtrnscmnd


This is(20%)of your grade.

Due by Friday each week, at midnight your time.

Read pages in your text book 1-through-15 on this week. Then leave a comment in  our classroom, in the comment section for 10% of your grade. 

It is due by each Friday Midnight on your time zone

Attendance Weekly Sign in Sheet: http://iamaruby.com/group/pruclassroom/page/n2018sis
Participation: interacting with your classmates, commenting on their posts twice a week.
This is (10%) of your grade due by Sunday at midnight each week.
Lve- Weekly Class Connect Conference Calls:

No Class connect call on this week. We will talk about this week topic on WK 2. Then we will talk about week 2 during the final week. Thank you
It is mandatory, call every week, I will keep you all posted on which day there is class.

Be looking out for the playback link, inbox, and email message for our live class connect calls. 
Or you can listen in with any device at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/platinumruby

This call is (10%) of your grade.
No exceptions unless work, emergency, and you contact me, or one of the teachers, three hours before the class call. 
This is the only way you will be excused, other than that it will be (20%) of your grade
Extra Credit, Leave a comment below(In the article/teaching)

 No extra credit on this week

This adds (15%) to your weekly grade if you choose to respond.
Due by Sunday at Midnight.
WealthDominionaire Proposal Assessment!

Write out a Proposal to the Angel Gadiel, who is the Angel of Wealth.

Below is one of our old 2015 approved samples proposal to give you an idea:


If you cannot fit all the answers or questions in your Individual Forum(Inbox) you can submit it in a PDF format. You can submit it as an attachment.

He will overlook this proposal with other Angels of Wealth. This proposal should state, why you should receive this Kingdom Wealth from the Heavens. There are different steps and statements you must put in this proposal. If this information is not in your proposal it will be half of your assessment grade, and you can be denied access from Gadiel and other Wealth Angels from the Heavens. No exceptions.

1. What is your background, and all the things you do in the Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of Heaven?  Do not write out what you would like to do, write out all you are actually doing?

2. What is your history with God, Money, Wealth, Tithing, Giving, and all your activity with wealth? (Please be honest, with God, yourself, and Gadiel). 

3. What are your current programs, business, work, activities, and other resources you are utilizing to obtain wealth?

4. Are you doing what you love to do? Are you living in your dreams, plans, desires, purpose, and promises?

5. If not, what is stopping you from doing these things you love?

6. If yes, how can you excel, grow, expand, and propel in this business you love?

7.  What is your primary focus to receive this wealth?

8. Who is the population to be served for this wealth?

9. What are the Strategies to Implement this wealth?

10. What is your Itemized Budget in distributing this wealth?

11.  What are your Collaborative Projects? Are you in Partnerships with other organizations-or-a business?

12. What is your Specific outcome as the measure of success?

13. Why should God or Gadiel trust you now with this copious amount of wealth? What will be different this time, than before? How would you do things differently than previous experience with wealth?

14. Tomorrow, you wake up, and you are approved, what will be the first three things you do?

15. What was your favorite reading/article teaching this week, that will help you be a wise steward?

16. Do you have any questions, comments, or remarks for me?

17. Conclusion

May you have a Supernatural Manifesting night on Purpose Agape :-)

 Post in your individual forum(inbox).

This is assignment is (50%) of your grade. 
Answer these questions in your inbox
Due by Sunday at Midnight in your time zone 12/2/18
Get prepared for weekly quizzes and Checkpoints until the final assignments
Remember, the syllabus is your roadmap to success in your ministerial journey. Always check it regularly to make sure you have completed all of your weekly tasks. Let's get ready to CRANK IT UP. We are CHOSEN for the OIL and walk in the MILLENNIUM. Oh yes, All the days of our lives, we are a MAGNET for the Blessings from God....
Chief Apostle Teyshana Wiley

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Praise God the text encourages me motivates me and I shall have whatever I decree and declare over my life and I never like anything. 

Praise God i enjoyed the reading 1to15 i even read a little further to the part of the brains we need to increase in i said mines would be whorship i could do more of that.

I think, I read the wrong ebook

Blessing. I have one question about the wealth proposal and that is do have to have the same outline as the sample one or just make sure what has been asked is in there? Thank you so much, Agape

Bless you Pastor Robin, no it do not. It has to have every question put into the proposal answered. That was just an example to show everyone how to write a proposal

I really got a lots out of this teaching

Blessings  Prophetess Kira Hatcher I am happy and grateful that you were blessed by WK 1 class teachings. 


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