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Dethroning jezebel

We often attach the Old Testament name of "Jezebel" to controlling and manipulating women or those persons who are seductive in nature. While this is not a totally inaccurate description, the historical Jezebel, the wife of King Ahab of Israel, was more than a control freak! She was inspired by the deceiver, satan himself, to illegally seize the throne of Israel and introduce idolatry to the nation. Furthermore, she had God's prophets murdered and stole Naboth's vineyard – his inheritance!

It is time to Destroy the demonic cords, which exposed the jezebel spirit. We as leaders have to press deeper to understand even more concerning this stronghold. It is time to exposes the Jezebel spirit more clearly as being a "yoke," which is a tool of the enemy to completely enslave us. When we are yoked with a jezebel spirit, we are yoked with such things as premature death, idolatry and poverty, and more! Again, let me remind you that jezebel stole Naboth's inheritance. Well, precious ones, the same evil spirit of jezebel is attempting to steal YOURS, also, by completely yoking you to this spirit! In this book, you will be able to take the "Jezebel Yoke Test" to determine if you are being affected by the evil seductions of Jezebel.

Below are just a few more points to "unyoke" you from her evil plans against you, as well as your generations.

- Desolation and barrenness
- Perfectionism
- Witchcraft
- Idolatry
- Infirmity
- Fear

Precious Believer, the Lord desires freedom for each of us. Jezebel caused Elijah to fear for his life and desert the land in which he had been given authority. Jezebel is attempting to threaten us with her lies to cause us to leave our places of authority. God's plans are to always redeem what is stolen; therefore, if we repent for allowing her influence to cause us to doubt God's protection and provision, we will be empowered to come out of our caves and get back on our paths to breakthrough!

It is time for you to become unyoked from deceptions and mantled with God and His authority! God's word clearly explains the yokes of deceptions, how to destroy them off of our lives and, then, how to become mantled with God's power and anointing.

My prayer for you: Father, the Issachar tribe was the tribe which was anointed to know the times and seasons. They were the ones who, according to 1 Chronicles 12:32, had "an understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do." We need Heaven's strategies to give us clear direction for victory in this season. Empower each of us to dethrone the enemy which seeks to destroy our future and steal our inheritance in Christ. It is our season to cross over into blessing and prosperity. I declare over each reader that this is our appointed time to come out from the yoke of slavery and become mantled with God's power and anointing. In Jesus' name Amen. 


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Comment by Pastor Edith Chiles-Williams on October 17, 2016 at 2:16am


Comment by Pastor Robin Albright on October 10, 2016 at 11:40am
What's so interesting about this is that most people believe that inky so.end carry this type of spirit. I did a class on this and I had a few men attend and once it was taught they understand that yes men can carry these characteristics. I taught on how this type of spirit was not humble, did not submit to authority, how the seek out new babies or weak Christians, deceive others by false prophecy,mask poor self-esteem and loves to teach and seeks to gain control in every situation. Love this topic.

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