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Blessings and GA RPELF, how are you all doing on this Supersonic day? I just want to tell you all I appreciate and celebrate all of you, for assisting in the operations of the Ministry, Organization, and staff while I was on my Consecration and Healthcation. I am so grateful to God for all of you. This has been the first time in Five in a half years, that I was really able to rest and be restored by God. It was a Heavenly Divine Experience. Oh God shared a lot with me for the Kingdom, for the Body, and for our Platinum Family. We will share it with you all very soon. You all have made this week, a true week of God's Divine Ruach Healing, Regeneration, Rejuvenation, Refueling, and Restoration. I love you all to the Heavens and beyond, and May you all obtain an Apostolic and Prophets Reward on Purpose, just like Jesus stated in(Math 10:41-42). I will see you all shortly live on the air.

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Appreciate you back


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