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My God in the Kingdom, I had just seen this post and had to share this with you all. #Duffel Bag!!! #TITHES!!! Just so happen to look at my #Instagram and seen this! I told y’all #LL coo J pay his tithes and every other like #Rock #Ross even the #Mafia the #American #Mob etc. Even #Young #Dolph pay his tithes! Many of you probably don’t know #Young #Dolph, but he is a major rap artist from the streets! #Even the #world understand #Tithes!

My God someone says Duffle BAG( Blessed Automatic Giver) Tithes?

Who takes Ownership of this Right now word? If we are faithful of a few things and tithe what we have now, then and only then, God will make us ruler of Duffle bags. Lord God, touch your children now, to come with it, obey your word, and be in your Alignment with your Word. HalleluYAH

Mi Dios, this post right here have truly shifted me.

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