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Week/Month Two Class Syllabus:  Embracing The Five-Fold Ministry with DESTINY!





2.1  Are your gift in the Five-Fold-Ministry?

2.2  Do you know what your gift is?

2.3 Are you ready to be utilize by God, in the Five Fold Ministry?

2.4 Embracing the Five-Fold-Ministry, and cultivating the many gifts inside of you.

2.5 Are you ready to activate your spirit and gifts to the dimensional realm, that God has given you?



Course Preparation: 

 What is the Five-Fold Ministry: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/what-is-five-fold-ministry-we...

Prophecy, New Territory by Jonathan David: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/prophecy-by-jonathan-david-20...

 Five-Fold-Ministry: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/five-fold-ministry-week-two

 King and Queen of the Court Part 2: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/queen-of-the-court-prayer

 What tools will you use to build your house?: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/what-tools-would-you-use-to-b...

The Mustard seed of Faith, daily exercise: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/this-is-the-mustard-seed-of-f...

 Milk and Honey, Spiritual diet, 14-day challenge: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/milk-and-honey-spiritual-diet...

15 things to give up(Self-Motivation): http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/15-things-to-give-up-daily-se...

 A Short Study on the-five-fold-ministry: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/a-short-study-on-the-five-fol...

 Recognize the Five-fold-ministry: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/recognizing-the-five-fold-min...

 Higher Expectations: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/higher-expectations-by-bobby-...

 Wanted True Worshipers: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/outline-wanted-true-worshiper... 

Letter to my Child(Throwback): http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/letter-to-my-child43011

Power of the Holy Spirit: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/in-touch-with-drcharles-91

Purpose, the Process, and his Promises: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/your-purpose-the-process-his-...

Visualize the movement: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/visualizing-the-hemispheric-m...

 (1 Corinth 12): http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/1-corinth-12-week-two-reading

(1 Corinth 14): http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/1-corinth-14-week-two-reading

 ( 1 Kings 18-vs-41-46): http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/1-kings-18-vs-41-46-key-verse...

 (Eph 4-vs- 9-15): http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/eph-4-vs-9-15-week-two-reading


All reading material must be commented on this week.

This is(30%)of your grade.

Due by Sunday each week, at midnight your time.


Live- Weekly Class Connect Conference Calls:
It is mandatory, call every week unless certain weeks we do not have a call. Leave your remarks, questions, and comments in the classroom comment section or in your Individual forum(inbox)


You must leave me a message, explaining to me all that you heard and what God said to you while listening to the class connect call.

If you do not leave me a comment or inbox message, you will be deducted 20% off of your grade.

Push link below to listen to the class connect call, may you enjoy, and if you have any questions, please inbox me.


This call is (10%) of your grade and due by Sunday of this week.
No exceptions unless work, emergency, and you contact me, or one of the teachers.
This is the only way you will be excused, other than that it will be (20%) of your grade


Attendance Weekly Sign in Sheet: 



Participation: interacting with your classmates, commenting on their posts twice a week.
This is (10%) of your grade due by Sunday at midnight each week.


 DQ Week Two: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/dq-1-week-two-8-12-13-8-18-13

Discussion Questions

This is(10%) of your grade. Due by Friday this week.


 Five-Fold-Ministry equivalence test: http://www.fivefoldsurvey.com/

This is (15%) of your grade. 

Then post your results in your individual forum(Inbox)

                     Due by  Midnight on this week.


Extra Credit Reading: God's great Introduction


Leave a comment below(In the article/teaching)

This adds (15%) to your weekly grade if you choose to respond.
Due by Sunday at Midnight.


Individual Assignment: Five-Fold-Ministry Paper: 

Write a word paper in which you explain the components of The Five-Fold Ministry and your gifts, and how you will apply these gifts to your walk in ministry?

 How have you embraced your gifts in the five-fold-ministry?

Do you have more than one gift in the five-fold-ministry?

If so, which gifts are your stronger gifts, explain why?

What is your favorite article/teaching this week?

Which strategy will you use to empower your gifts in the Five-Fold?

You have completed week two, on Embracing your gifts in the Five-Fold, what are your plans to utilize the hand of God in your life?

 What will you do this week, that will allow you to walk in your  Five-Fold gifts?

What was your favorite reading/article teaching this week?

Do you have any questions, comments, or remarks for me?



We have entered week two, get ready to Embrace the Five-Fold-Ministry. Remember, the syllabus is your road map to success in your ministerial journey. Always check it to make sure you have completed all of your weekly tasks. Let's get ready to CRANK IT UP. We are CHOSEN for the OIL, and walk in the MILLENNIUM. Are you drinking your PROPEL? 

( Calling all Platinum Eagles, to get ready for taking off) Agape~

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Replies to This Discussion

We are in Week Two, get ready to embrace your DESTINY!!!!

Greetings, Apostle Wiley, KPEs and QPEs.

This week has started off with a BANG! There's a Spiritual Sonic Boom that went out and is being heard around the entire Earth. This week's readings is stirring up untapped potential and gifts within every person that dares to embrace their God-given talent and gifts.

I look forward to this week's journey/exploration of the Five-fold ministry and discovery of our gifts. Have a blessed day!

Marsha Jones

Greetings, Apostle T and fellow KPEs and QPEs!

My God! My God! This has been an EPIC (Empowering, Powerful/Prophetic, Intercessory, and Captivating) week for us! The Word was delivered on tonight with a HULK SMASH! My God! My God! The Anointing on the call... The Holy Spirit moved all over the line and TRANSFORMED people. The miraculous healing that went forth and the births that took place! Glory to God! I am excited and running in the spirit!

Have a great evening!

Pastor Prophet Marsha Jones 01/23/15

AMENNN!!# Ready for take off..

Amen! Hallelujah!  I feel on fire  for the Lord!

Prophetess Carolyn A. Bighum

God Bless the children of God, especially the Platinum Eagles and their ministry within the Five-Fold Ministry.   Amen!

Those who have Knowledge and to walk in their calling in Christ Jesus.

God is good all the time.  Thank you Jesus!

Peace,Love, Blessings: 

The components of Five Fold ministry are the office's of Pastor,Prophet, Teacher, Evangelist and Apostle.A Pastor should be the husband of one wife (1Tim.3:2)and have a burden for souls.if he doesn't then he will not pray diligently for the people. We have already explored the damage that a prayerless ministry does to the kingdom purpose of believers.A pastor should also be temperate, self controlled,hospitable,and a Teacher. Any Pastor must have at least two of the Five Fold gifts.Jeremiah 23:1 says Woe to the shepherds who destroy and scatter my sheep.A pastor is held responsible for teaching the correct doctrine.
Deut.18:22 says If a person is a Prophet the things they speak will come true and if not you should not fear him.Prophecy is a much sought after and honored gift but the Bible says if a prophet speaks in the name of other Gods they should be put to death.To me these are terro card reader's, psychics and witches.A prophet must also be obedient to God because speaking at the wrong time could be dangerous for every one involved.The prophet,the person receiving the message and those connected to their lives.James 3:1 says Not many of you should become teachers for you know that we who teach shall be judged with greater strictness.The weight and responsibility of teaching is very heavy.Titus 2:7-8 says show yourself in all respects to be a model of Good works and in your teaching show integrity, dignity and sound speach that can not be condemed so that an aponent may be put to shame,having nothing evil to say about us.For Evangelist 2Timmothy 5says we must be sober in all things, endure hardship, do the work of an Evangelist and fulfill your ministry.Luke 14:23 says Go out to the highways and hedges and compelling them to come in that my house may be filled. It's us who go to the places that people feel we shouldn't be as saints. We really have to be lead by and in tune with God or we could be hurt.As for Apostles 2Corr. 12:12 says The signs of a true Apostle were performed among you with all perseverance, by signs and wonders and miracles.Mark 16:15 And he said unto them go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. None of the Five are a joke,they are very serious calls and effect the very kingdom of God. Thank you lord for entrusting them to me.
Good afternoon and blessings to all! I am happy to have the Five-Fold-Ministry as subject discussion, I find it be an interesting learn/read.


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