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Week Ten: Being a Disciple, and learning how to walk in Kingdom Power!

Objectives: 10.1: What is a Disciple?

                  10.2: How can I be a Disciple of Christ?

                  10.3: Learning how to walk in Kingdom Power.

                  10.4: How can I walk in faith as the Disciples and Apostles in biblical times?

                 10.5:  How can I perform Greater Works, and demonstrate the word of God?



Preparation and Reading Material: 

Read: What is a Disciple: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/what-is-a-disciple-week-ten-r...

Read: Forsake all:http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/forsake-all-you-have-week-ten... 

Read: Disciple Outline: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/disciple-outline-week-ten-rea...

Read: 12 Disciples: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/12-disciples-before-they-were...

Read: Four Gospel breakdown: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/the-four-gospels-breakdown-we...

Read: Apostle Paul: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/saul-the-man-who-became-one-o...

Read: Women Disciples: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/female-disciples-of-jesus-wee...

Read: Women name in the Bible: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/women-name-in-the-bible-from-...

Read: Seventy Disciples: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/seventy-disciples-week-ten-re...

Read: The Spirit is Blowing: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/prophetic-signs-the-spirit-is...

Read: Transforming Faith: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/transforming-faith-by-prophet...

Read :(Heb 1) http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/hebrews-1-week-ten-reading

Read:(Math 5):http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/math-5-week-ten-reading 

Read: (Math 28): http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/math-28-week-ten-reading

Read: Jesus and Peter: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/jesusnapwow


This is(30%)of your grade.

Due by Sunday each week, at midnight your time.


DQ-Week Ten: http://iamaruby.ning.com/forum/topics/week-ten-dq

                           All reading material must be commented on Friday this week.


Live- Week Ten Class, Conference Calls: 

Live- Weekly Class Connect Conference Calls:
It is mandatory, call in every week(I will text you and let you know the date).

This call is (10%) of your grade.
No exceptions unless work, emergency, and you contact me, or one of the teachers, three hours before the class call. 
This is the only way you will be excused, other than that it will be (20%) of your grade


(I will contact you all with the details)


Attendance Weekly Sign in Sheet: 



Participation: interacting with your classmates, commenting on their posts twice a week.
This is (10%) of your grade due by Sunday at midnight each week.


Extra Credit: https://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/this-is-the-other-chapter-god-gav...

Leave a comment below(In the article/teaching)

This adds (15%) to your weekly grade if you choose to respond.
Due by Sunday at Midnight.


Individual Assignment: What is a Disciple and walking in Kingdom Power? 

Watch the video below, and write an essay, explaining all you have learned on this week about being a disciple, and walking in your kingdom power?

What did God say to you after watching Jesus and Apostle Peter encounter? 

What would you have done after you had an encounter with Jesus like this?

Do you believe that you can walk in this Kingdom Power?

Do you know anyone who walks in this type of Power? If so, who?

Have you experienced the Apostolic Movement before?

What is God saying unto you about being a disciple in the Kingdom of God?

Have you ever studied about Disciples before?

Are you ready to take the Kingdom by force?

What have you read this week made a major impact on your life? 

How will you apply all you learn this week to your daily life?

How will you minister to people about them being a disciple of Christ?

Are you ready to see a Pentecost explosion in your personal ministry and life?

Do you have any questions, comments, remarks, or concerns for me this week?

May you have a Supersonically Blessed night on Purpose Agape :-)





We have entered week Ten:  Remember, the syllabus is your roadmap to success in your ministerial journey. Always check it to make sure you have completed all of your weekly tasks. Let's get ready to CRANK IT UP. We are CHOSEN for the OIL and walk in the MILLENNIUM. Oh yes, All the days of our lives, we are a MAGNET for the Blessings from God...

( Calling all Platinum Eagles, to get ready for taking off, into the UNKNOWN) Agape~~

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My God on High, Lord, this has made an great impact on my life,  Let's me know I can do the impossible, that My God is there, even if I am about to sink, he is there to help me.  I can make it through any situation, circumstances, I can walk on the impossibles and make them possible...Lord help me to stay focus, faithful...Oh My God.. 

Y God I love these clips it allows the Word to get packed down deeper in my Spirit. If I didn't see myself in Peter when he was doing so well until he looked around and sank.

What a Wonderful  video. after watching  Peter with Jesus and (The Acts of Apostles) , it brought out great examples and inspiration within my heart.

concerning changing the world going forth and spreading the gospel in the earth. Those Apostles really suffered for the sake Jesus Christ our Lord. The Lord has a reward for them in heaven.( The Apostles)

Peace and Love:

Prophetess Carolyn A. Bighum


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