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Apostle Teyshana Wiley Bio!

 Apostle Teyshana Wiley Biography

    • Apostle Teyshana is a 41 years old mother of three wonderful children and five grandchildren. In addition, a cancer CHAMPION, who fought the greatest battle and by Gods grace and mercy she won and obtain the victory as God design for her to win.
    • She wears many hats as a warrior, gladiator, champion, and trailblazer for the army of God. (Apostle Teyshana) said:  I love to tell my Bestimony to anyone that has an ear to hear. I am excited that I am finally able to tell my story about the test trial and tribulations that I had been through, how God brought me up out, and into the Promised Land flowing with milk and honey. I told Jesus eleven years ago if he spares my life I would serve him, and I told God if he allows me to live past this sickness, an affliction that I was diagnosed with.
    •  I will tell the whole story about all the wonderful things he has done for me, therefore, here I am everyone, get ready to hear my voice because it will be heard. In addition, walking In Prosperity is the key that all God’s children possess because it is their BIRTHRIGHT.
    •  She is a licensed Evangelist, Pastor, International Pastor, and Chief Apostle. Senior Pastor and CEO/ Founder of a nationwide online ministry and school, I am a Ruby, School of the Prophets Ministry, which has many ministries, which is an online five-fold- ministry school, and Senior Regional Instructor, and Founder of Platinum Ruby University. That teaches, cultivate, empower, and utilize men and women of God to walk in the Apostolic Anointing and Prophetic Flow. She is the Founder of Platinum Ruby Wealthlistic Triune Financial University.
    • She is also the Chief Overseer of I am a Ruby School of the Prophets Ministry, West Benin Africa, Senior Pastor Enoc Cha-cha, and I Am A Ruby Network Florida Global, Senior Pastor Syanika Porter, with Pastor Mother Pat Mabrey.
    • Apostle Teyshana is a Book Author of,  All Is Well Even When You Think the Promise Is Dead,  Pearls Of Wisdom, I Am A Ruby Paperback (Volume 1) Queen With Riches Women’s Magazine, Walk-in Royalty, I Am A Ruby Class Syllabus, Monublissfully Favored Prayers, Platinumpedia, Eve's day with a Platinum Eagle, Masked today, Purpose Driven Tomorrow, Propel Kingdom Dimension Bible, Propel Kingdom Dimension Journal, Who is your BFF(Blessings, Faith, and Favor) and I am a Ruby online magazine. She is a Psalmist, Prayer Warrior, Mother, Business Owner, Website Owner, and Radio Show, Host.
    • In addition, I Am A Ruby Television Show Host, Producer, Internet Magazine Owner, Four Times Black Essence Award Recipient (2,010-thru-2,012, and 2014) Clothing Designer of I am a Ruby Clothing... God’s Daughter, Cancer Champion, Atmosphere Changer, And That Is Just A Few Of Things That she Does In The earth realm to Represent the Kingdom of God. Check out http://www.iamaruby.com
    • Apostle Teyshana, have the heart to see the name of Jesus lifted high as the God Kingdom advances in the earth realm. Therefore, men and women can possess all God have for them in this Dimensional Year. The ministry primary desire is to fan the flames of revival and awakening while training and equipping the Body of Christ to walk in the fullness of their gifts, purpose, and destiny as Christ has fully formed in them.

     (Senior Regional Instructor, and Founder: Chief Apostle Teyshana Wiley)


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Comment by Precious marine moss on Sunday

Blessing my name is Precious Marie Moss and I am 26 years old. I have five children a 1 year old name akil whitelow, a son name Adam whitelaw 4, Azariah whitelow 7, and a set of twins boy and girl Antoinne and Sylvia 8. I truly believe that God has always been right there every day of my life. I'm taking the school of the prophets to understand Gods word more and to grow more in him and to find out what my gifts are and walk in them to help build the kingdom of God. I am thankful to have the opportunity to be in the class this year.

Comment by Harold E Parker on March 9, 2019 at 1:43am

 I thank God i retired from the City Of Philadelphia work force now i have extra time to minister God's Word.

Comment by Harold E Parker on March 9, 2019 at 1:37am

Greetings my name is Harold Parker 60 years old and from Philadelphia Pennsylvanian, when i was growing up at the age of 2 years old my musical gifts appeared as a baby drummer and that gift stayed with me at the age of 7 i was drummer for a 32 piece band and as i got older i joined other bands traveled to different cities and develop a liking for the Bible from watching my grandmother.i started out in catholic school the later change to the public school system to the Public schools. and after high school i joined the US Army after receiving my Honorable Discharge from the Army i got a job as a skycap at the Philadelphia international airport i met my wife in 1979 and we are still together, I started out as a Muslim  but that lasted  a few yes. And one day i had a Spiritual awakening and i accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and i learned more and more about Gods Kingdom .one day i was asked to do a radio broadcast for a Reverend who got into a car accident and i done the broadcast , The Reverend past away but i kept the radio broadcast  for several years . in 1996 i attended the Jamison  School of Ministry and Theology following that i joined the Philadelphia Council of Clergy and was placed inside the Philadelphia Nursing Homes in which I'M still a Chaplain in the Nursing Homes I later was installed Bishop over the house ministries now i'm working out of a church assisting the Pastor but the Lord said I'm a leader not a flunky and God led me here at I AM A RUBY School OF Prophets where he will Mold and Shape me  As Apostle Harold Parker A leader after God's own  heart

Comment by Queen Chief Apostle T(M. W.) on September 12, 2018 at 12:11am

Bless you Mr. Tyson, Welcome and we are happy to have you a part of our School of the Prophets,  Royal Platinum Eagles family. May you have a Terrific night on Purpose Agape

Comment by Sidney Tyson on September 11, 2018 at 10:24pm

Greetings! My name is Sidney Tyson and I am 30 years old. I have 2 children, a beautiful daughter Faith Tyson 8 years old and a 12 year old son Javyion Danzy. I’ve been through a lot in my life, and I truly believe that every experience I’ve been through has put me in a position to be used by God to share my testimony with the world; Also, to share my life’s journey through my lens.

I decided to take the school of prophets 12 week course to not only build and strengthen my relationship with Jesus but also to challenge and strengthen myself in Christ. Like most people, I’ve put time and energy into the world’s operations and always put God on the back burner. But now, I know that it is time for me to put Him first and allow him to utilize me so I can walk in my destiny.

I am thankful to be a part of this ministry and I am excited for what God has in store for me, I look forward to meeting you all as well.

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