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Wealthlistic Triune(Week Two) Class Syllabus

Read, take notes, and leave comments.

1.1: What is Wealth
1.2: What are Finances, Riches, and Success
1.3: The truth about our credit, birth, signatures, and trust
1.4: Savings, stocks, bonds, trust, CD's, and Compound Intrest
1.5: The Biblical Truth and Dimensions of Wealth
1.6: Final Week(Exam/Quiz)


Preparation and Reading Material: The-Science-of-Getting-Rich%20PDF%207-13-17.pdf

Read all teachings, articles, take notes, comment, and get prepared for your assignment:

Credit Score: http://iamaruby.com/group/wealthlistictriune/page/icsk

Truth Behind Wizard of Oz: http://iamaruby.com/group/wealthlistictriune/page/tbwoz

10 Millionaire Commandments: http://iamaruby.com/group/wealthlistictriune/page/10mc

Finanical Tracking: http://iamaruby.com/group/wealthlistictriune/page/ft

Apostle Paul speaks: http://iamaruby.com/group/wealthlistictriune/page/capsttrp

Dividends: http://iamaruby.com/group/wealthlistictriune/page/divedends

Forex radio show: http://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/forextradeliverdoshw

Stock market: http://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/how2getstrtonthemarkt

Redeeming your strawman: http://iamaruby.com/group/wealthlistictriune/page/redeysm

I Am Decree: http://iamaruby.com/group/wealthlistictriune/page/iapd

Preparing for: https://iamaruby.com/group/wealthlistictriune/page/prepeac

In the Beginning: https://iamaruby.com/group/wealthlistictriune/page/intbsbb

What is the next step: https://iamaruby.com/group/wealthlistictriune/page/whatistns

Dispute a Debt Letter: https://iamaruby.com/group/wealthlistictriune/page/disputadl

Business Analysis 101: https://iamaruby.com/group/wealthlistictriune/page/businan101

Wealthlistic Transfers: https://iamaruby.com/group/wealthlistictriune/page/wealthlistictrf

Biblical Proven Strategies: https://iamaruby.com/group/wealthlistictriune/page/provenbtam

All reading material must be commented on this week.

This is(30%)of your grade.

Due by Sunday each week, at midnight your time.

Read pages in your text book 14-through-22 on this week. Then leave a comment in  our classroom, in the comment section for 10% of your grade. 

It is due by each Friday Midnight on your time zone


Wealthlistic DQ: (No DQ this Week) only on Week 2, 4, 6, and 8.

This is(10%) of your grade. Due by Friday this week.

Attendance Weekly Sign in Sheet: http://iamaruby.com/group/wealthlistictriune/page/wtfsis
Participation: interacting with your classmates, commenting on their posts twice a week.
This is (10%) of your grade due by Sunday at midnight each week.
Live- Weekly Class Connect Conference Calls:
It is mandatory, call in every week(I will text you and let you know the date).

This call is (10%) of your grade.
No exceptions unless work, emergency, and you contact me, or one of the teachers, three hours before the class call. 
This is the only way you will be excused, other than that it will be (20%) of your grade
Extra Credit, Leave a comment below(In the article/teaching)



This adds (15%) to your weekly grade if you choose to respond.
Due by Sunday at Midnight.
Individual Assignment: Self-Entrepreneurship IQ Quiz 

Push the link below to take your Self-Entrepreneurship IQ Quiz. 

Please leave your answers to this test in your individual forum(inbox). Also, I would like you to add up your points, and this will show you that you are ready, and qualified to be an Entrepreneurship. Thank you~


Post in your individual forum(inbox).

This is assignment is (40%) of your grade. 
Answer these questions in your inbox
Due by Sunday at Midnight in your time zone 


Get prepared for weekly quizzes and Checkpoints until the final assignments
Remember, the syllabus is your roadmap to success in your ministerial journey. Always check it regularly to make sure you have completed all of your weekly tasks. Let's get ready to CRANK IT UP. We are CHOSEN for the OIL and walk in the MILLENNIUM. Oh yes, All the days of our lives, we are a MAGNET for the Blessings from God....
Chief Apostle Teyshana Wiley

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I have read 14-22 and wow the way you have to think is very different you have to think higher and in a Certain Way then other people think. it say we shouldn't judge it and we shouldn't go to the churches or magazines we have to trust in the science of it. then it was speaking on the 3 fundamentals ways the first step to get rich. 1) was about There is a thinking stuff from which all thigs are made and which in its original state permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe. 2) was saying A THOUGHT in this substances produces the thing that is imaged by the thought. 3) Man can form things in his thought and by impressing his thought upon formless substance, and cause the thing he thinks about to be created. Powerful.


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