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Proven Biblical Money Principles - Dave Ramsey

Blessings Wealthlistic Platinum Champions, comment below all that God said to you after watching this teaching video? What are the key points about wealth that stood out to you? How will you execute… View »

Wealthlistic Transfers by Apostle T 1 Comment

Wealth is only transferred by two things, your mentality, and your Faith that is connected to your actions. When you change your mindset, you start to see a change in your pocket, wallet, purse, and… View »

Business Analysis 101 1 Comment

In 1986, Roy and Bertrand Sosa emigrated to the United States from Mexico. When they go there, they quickly discovered that they needed a checking account and credit card, yet credit cards were diffi… View »

Dispute a Debt Letter 1 Comment

Blessings Wealthlistic Platinum Champions, here is a PDF of our approved Dispute a Debt Letter, you will learn more about these during the weeks, and this year. I need you to push the link below, and… View »

What is the Next Step starting a Business 1 Comment

Sometimes the idea of starting your own business can be overwhelming What kind of business should you start? Where will you get the money? How will you find customers? All are legitimate concerns, an… View »

Self-Entrepreneurship IQ Quiz Week Two Assignment

Blessings Wealthlistic Platinum Champions, this is a Self-Entrepreneurship IQ Quiz.  Please leave your answers to this test in your individual forum(inbox). Also, I would like you to add up your… View »

In the Beginning from the Small Business Bible 1 Comment

In the Beginning If one advances in the direction of his dreams, one will meet with success unexpected in common hours. —Henry David Thoreau It is a huge step. Deciding to go into business for your… View »

Preparing for Cash Emergencies 1 Comment

Preparing for Cash Emergencies Life is full of unpredictable events. Maybe the car needs a new $2,000 transmission. Or your son breaks his arm playing football, and you have to pay $400 in doctors’… View »

Cash Management 1 Comment

INTRODUCTION Everyone manages cash. Your very first exposure to personal financial management was probably related to cash management. Perhaps you received a small allowance when you were a child an… View »


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