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Recognize Wealth

In similar fashion, the restoration of God’s economy and the wealth transfer will usher in changes that dramatically impact priorities, perspectives, and methodologies. Many of these now-familiar ministry models have been refined and reached satisfying comfort-realms. However, rather than having arrived, much work remains. Much of it incorporates new challenges. And recent days have realized much-experiencing turbulence tied to the old models. 

God’s Kingdom is advancing. And the scope of both the risk and the opportunity are demanding change.

The shaking and resistance underway is to spur us on. In addition, for those who begin embracing the new paradigm, the shaking and resistance will be met with sovereign responses of the Holy Spirit, and a fresh release of signs and wonders and miracles. In this process, the Spirit of the Lord is preparing us for a timely and more strategic-realm impact, as the paradigm in both approach and perspective shifts of wealth in our lives. 

Since the inception of the para-church movement, the pace of change within the Body and the way the Church operates has been gradual and steady. However, the accelerated pace of events and the ease and God-velocity speed with which the world interacts today is demanding much more. The change required is not an end in itself, however, a part of the process of establishing new beachheads, that will mobilize the Body in ways relevant to the second, hour, moment, year, and decades. It is the change required to advance the Kingdom of God victoriously in wealth, prosperity, and increase. Opportunity seized in the arena of the mass media since the fifties has more recently been combined with inroads made by Kingdom pioneers, through the medium of the Internet. This is how millionaires and billionaires are made, through the internet. The result has been a quantum leap impacting the means by which this generation of the Body is informed, connected and matured.

 Who is ready, to obtain the wealth in the Body and the Kingdom the way God intended us too?


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Comment by Domonique Smith on April 16, 2019 at 3:39am

Ne'eman in agreement with Prophetess Lapresha i already have it and it is mines for God already prepare the table and just waiting on us to find our chair to sit and have at it. 

Comment by Domonique Smith on April 15, 2019 at 8:24pm

Ne 'eman i am ready for it all i tale complete ownership

Comment by Eagle Eye Prophetess Lapresha on March 21, 2018 at 3:18am

I am because I already have it and I am thankful for it

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