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Wealthlistic Platinum Ruby Triune Financial University


Wealthlistic Platinum Ruby Triune Financial University

This is our online newspaper classroom, where you can learn and obtain God's Promises, from the Heavens, and the Universe/earth Realm. You will obtain resources, information, Kingdom bequest, Heavenly endowment, mailbox blessings, bonanza's, guarantee settlement, secure Heritage, savings, grants, grant proposals writing, book authors, book publishing, professional writing, fundraisers, stocks, bonds, ETF, dividends, compounding, Entrepreneurship strategies, Angel Investors, Investors, crowdfunding, multiple assets of God's word and Kingdom Success.

My God(Elo-Him) will supply(offer, give, provide, donate, grant,
disburse, fund, and contribute) all of our needs(everything in life). According(to
grant our request) to his riches(wealth, capital, and heavenly kingdom resources)
Prestige, Magnificence, and Glory through Christ Jesus( Our Savior)-( Philippians 4:19 PKDB). 

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What is your desire, what are your dreams, what are your goals, and what are your plans? Make them happen, by getting out the boat, and walking on the water.

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Wealthlistic Triune Financial(Week Two) Class Syllabus!

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Comment by Queen Chief Apostle T(M. W.) on March 24, 2017 at 12:34am

Listening is a magnetic and a creative force. People who listen are those we find ourselves moving toward. They project a calm confidence.

Comment by Queen Chief Apostle T(M. W.) on March 22, 2017 at 8:03pm

Wealth is when, you are a blessing to someone else, and they pass it on to someone else. Then it brings joy, love, and laughter to the individual soul. #IAmARuby #WealthlisticTriune

Comment by Queen Chief Apostle T(M. W.) on March 22, 2017 at 8:02pm

7 Money Habits of Highly Wealthy People • READ | SHARE | DO !!!

There are 7 Money skills that Wealthy People are Great at. When you gain control with the following 7 Money habits, you'll be in good company with Millionaires!

1. Value. They value each dollar bill they earn as a money seed. They know that every dollar appropriately planted can grow into millions of dollars.

2. Control. They know where every penny of their money goes. Here are some things they do when they spend money. They shop for the best value, ask for and expect discounts, examine receipts for mistakes, and turn expenses in tax-deductible business expenses where possible, track their spending and their checkbook, and file receipts.

3. Save. Millionaires and wealthy people save money by spending wisely. They also set aside a portion of their money automatically for savings.

4. INVEST! The Wealthy have MANY systems for investing their money.
(DIVERSIFY AS WELL, See Ecclesiastes Chapter 11)

5. Earn. Wealthy people have multiple income streams and residual income outside of their jobs.

6. Shield. Millionaires and wealthy people shield themselves with insurance, trusts, corporations, non-profit's, LLCs and other legal entities.

7. Share. True wealthy people are usually very generous, giving away at least 10% of their income to their churches, ministries, charities, non-profits, and other good causes. Giving is an act of abundance that demonstrates your faith, and belief that you have more than enough to meet your own needs.

Donnie Trump

#BizTipTuesday √

Comment by Queen Chief Apostle T(M. W.) on March 22, 2017 at 7:39pm
Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.
Don't wait. The time will never be just right.
The starting point of all achievement is desire.
If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.
A goal is a dream with a deadline.
Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.
Every adversity, every failure, and every heartache, carries with it the Seed of an equivalent or greater Benefit.
Any ideas, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.
When your desires are strong enough you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.
Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.
(Napoleon Hill)
Comment by Queen Chief Apostle T(M. W.) on March 22, 2017 at 7:32pm

Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) invited 5 people to his Harvard dorm room 9 years ago to discuss a Business Opportunity. Only 2 people showed up and they got in; Today they're are Billionaires with a B: Dustin Moskovitz $6.5 Billion and Eduardo Saverin $3.4 Billion.

Nothing is more expensive than a closed mind and a missed opportunity. A "thinking about it" for too long costs you a whole lot of money and time. Taking action now can earn you a whole lot. It's your choice, your life, it's up to you to make a decision today. <--- #MajorKey

Comment by Queen Chief Apostle T(M. W.) on March 22, 2017 at 7:03pm

Propel Manna on Page 45

•It is Written: However, to Hannah he gave her a DOUBLE PORTION, for he admired, loved, cherished, and celebrated Hannah(1 Samuel 1:5)
• Get ready for the year of the Double. Double is releasing now in the earth, expect a dual, duplex, twins, duplicate, in pairs, coupled, twofold manifestations, twice the amount, double, "profits doubled in one year", multiply by two, increase twofold, doubled the salary, become twice as much or as many, and MULTIPLY it into a Gloristic Movement from Heaven. Know that your DOUBLE is here now, and you do not have to wait anymore, it is immediately transformed.
•Today is your birthday, and God is giving you miracles as a birthday present, this present is for your ministry, money, marriage, family, friends, mind, heart, soul, and spirit. It will Manifest in a mighty way suddenly. It is Written: God(Elo-Him) will supply and dispense, kernel, seed, and crystals, for the planter and sower. He gives manna and cake to eat, and you will become very full, satisfied, and bountiful. He will provide, multiply, add, and increase your dimensional capital, kingdom resources, and supplies for, sowing into the prospering soil. Therefore, these fruits will increase you in your holiness, sanctification, and righteousness. It will reveal itself in a dynamic virtue, honor, generosity, abundance and love.(2 Corinthians 9:10).
•This is the year of Divine Faith, walk in it, run in it, like you are in a marathon 5k race. Trust in him, rely on him, and sit back and watch him show you his Miraculous power.
•Now that is a ‪#‎Trifecta and ‪#‎Windfinity as a combo deal, Decree and Command this  daily and watch it MANIFEST...
•P®OPEL Kingdom Dimension Bible(PKDB)
Comment by Queen Chief Apostle T(M. W.) on March 22, 2017 at 6:57pm

PROOF That Money Actually Doesn’t Grow on Trees…

$Money Doesn’t Grow Trees $ This seems to be a favorite saying of the poor. I remember as a child asking my poor dad for a toy. “What do you think Robert, that money just grows on trees?” I didn’t understand what my poor dad meant by that. Technically money is paper, and paper is made from trees. Right?

Where did money really come from? Real money comes from the Universe in the form of Gold and Silver. These are often called "God's Money." What we think of as money today is really "currency" even though we call it money.

As I grew older and studied the topic a lot, I actually discovered exactly where "money" comes from. Look at this - just in the last years (from 2008 to 2014), the Government has printed over FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS!

Now, if you think about it - that seems a bit unfair.

They can have complete control over "money," yet “we” as a people have zero control over what we make (as an employee) - there seems to be a disconnect right from the beginning.

This is what led me to thinking about the difference between my RICH dad and my POOR dad…

RICH DAD = Worked when he wanted. Did what he wanted. Had no shortage of money. Had complete Financial Freedom. If you think about it - he basically had control over the amount of money “he” printed for himself, just like the Government!

POOR DAD = Well, he was the head of Education for Hawaii and worked for “The Man.” His income, his life, his vacations, his everything was 100% controlled by someone else.

I think it goes without saying, if you want to succeed in life, you need to first have CONTROL of your own life.

This is what I’ve spent my entire life trying to teach people.

My Rich Dad was so successful in his life because he had CONTROL over his life.

He had control in his life because he was an ENTREPRENEUR.

That’s what leads me to my next BIG LESSON for you. Entrepreneurship.

It’s no secret by now that I’m in the open saying that Entrepreneurs have a 10 times more likely chance of being financially free than someone who isn’t. But, there is a problem that comes with that.

I get this question a lot:

“Robert, how do I become an Entrepreneur? How much money will it take?”

Listen Sports Fans, the game has completely changed. If you’re still asking how much money it will take, you’re asking the wrong questions!

I remember when I first started - it would take over $100,000 just to attempt to start a business. The risk was real and was enormous. This risk alone held millions of people back from ever being able to test being an Entrepreneur.

Well - not anymore!

Today, with the near end of the Industrial times, we’ve entered the Information Age.
Today, we have the Internet.
Today, we can start businesses for pennies and risk virtually nothing. It was brought to my door step about 2 years ago and completely changed the way I look at Entrepreneurship.
Start a full blown online business and take-off with your Entrepreneur journey by just getting out of the boat. Being able to take a chance, is exactly what you need to start an Online Business and do it for PENNIES.
Be an Entrepreneur online. I’m talking about being able to launch an online business within a matter of days. The only thing you need to do is take action, right now.
I actually got on a TRAINING with this Brilliant Entrepreneur and had him actually walk our students through the entire book and all the steps. I even had him build a LIVE business right in-front of us.
Take action now, don’t wait - go to that link and make it happen!(Robert Kyoaski) Rich Dad, Poor Dad Author


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