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Recap for 11/11: Do you all really know what 11:11-or-1111 mean? Well, I am going to tell you "It only happens once a year, when 11/11 comes, and once in a lifetime back in 11/11/11. Today is when the Heavenly Dimensions opens to higher ascended realms, all the realms of the Heavens unleash everything in the supernatural realm, for us to have the tools we need, to see it manifest in the natural. In addition, the Galactic part of the galaxy of the Universe/earth realm is moving at velocity speed, always consistently on November 11th. Many of us do not know, that every year after 11/11 we experience moments of intense clarity of our own divinity, powers, authority, and dominion. We see great things happen, favor, manifestations, miracles, and superlistic intelligence. We begin to become extremely happy, have joy, and excitement in almost everything. How many times have you looked at a clock, seen on your phone, computer/laptop, or on a sign somewhere 11:11? How about this is your birthday or something great happens for you on this day? This is a sign of Kingdom Dimensional Ascension activity within you(Holy-Spirit) that is letting you know, you are being activated, and shifted the more, into dimensional realms. 11:11 is an Unleashing KOHD(Kingdom Of Heaven Dimensions) that activates the neurons network in your brain to open you up, into higher dimensions of the Spirit. The Seer Elisha, obtain his Double portion from God at 11:11, and he had the higher dimensional anointing, beyond the Prophet Elijah. Read 2(Kings 2:10-14). Here are the 5D manifestations that have been taking place all day,(Declarations, Development, Dominion, Demonstrations, and Dimensions) they are taking place even right now. In this 11/11 Transactions, Transfers, and Transfiguration, the Archangel Raziel, who is the angel of secrets, mysteries, revelations, oracles, Wisdominion abilities, Abundance of Knowledge is opening up portals, gateways, hatchways, and doors of the heavens. He was the angel who, God used to give Noah the blueprint in creating the Ark, he has helped many leaders in biblical days manifest major accomplishments, and he is ready to assist you. The link below will tell you more about him. As you begin to SHIFT into your higher dimensional heavenly frequencies, your mind will have access to God, on a higher realm of the spirit. If you are truly ready to Shift in your life and walk in this Dimensions tell God YES. It is Just that simple, and every day begins to walk by Faith, and not by sight. http://iamaruby.com/forum/topics/razielangelofmystery
P®OPEL Kingdom Dimension Bible(PKDB)

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