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Did you know it only takes 56 hours to read the whole Bible? That is 8 hours a day for 7 days. If we break it up in the morning and night, that is 4 hours a day and night. Read and Meditate on( Josh 1:7-8).
In 7 days, the whole Bible is read, digested in our spirits, and ready to work in our lives. Imagine reading the whole Bible every week for the rest of your life, just think about how your life will be.
Why do we put in 8 hours a day for years, and decades on a job, that cannot heal us, free us, or make us whole? Why do we put in hours on social media for people we barely know? However, when it comes to God, we barely give him 5 minutes, without complaining or rushing.
I have ever in my life seen anyone mind was renewed from working 8 hours on a job. One thing I am assured of, if you read and study the word of God for 8 full hours, your life and mind will be transformed and renewed.
The Word of God is a Living Trust Fund, that God put into place for us as a Kingdom Inheritance. We must do all that is required of us to obtain this Huge payout. The Bible is a MAP( Manifesting All Promises) to all hidden Treasures, that has your name on it.
Are you ready to change your life, and stop repeating the same cycles?
Let's start today my Royal Platinum Family, in reading and studying the word of God more. Let's start allowing the word of God to become living and active in our lives, minds, subconscious minds, psyche(souls) and spirits. Let's stop treating God like a jump off, we only call him when we need something. Let's start treating him with honor, devotion, dedication, admiration, cherishing him, putting him first, and loving him just like the King of Kings that he is.
The Word of God is LAW( Lord Always Wins) and we must honor and obey it.

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