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I Pray and Decree, that the Holy Spirit be poured out in the universe/earth realm like ever before. I Pray and Decree, that unusual Miracles and Unexplainable Manifestations will happen in the earth realm, upon every King Kids. I Decree that Divine Heavenly Visitations will take place in the universe, with instructions for the present and future purpose and destiny, just like, when the Archangel Gabriel visit Mary in( Luke 1:31-37). Lord, thank you for increasing all our capacity, enlarging our territories, expanding our coast, and blessing us in all that we do, just like Jabez. Heal, restore, recover, repair, resolve all families that need to be United, reconnected, and restored. Help them to forgive each other with purity and compassion. I Decree, that every person who are holding on to the past be loose now, from all infirmities, disease, dis-ease, un-forgiveness, hurt, pain, rage, turmoil, and every thing that is negative. I Decree, life, love, laughter, happiness, serenity, solace, and gentleness upon them now. Open up the vaults of the Heavens and earth of your abundance, bliss, Shalom(peace) joy, integrity, frequency, and your Agape love, oh God.
Saturate us with your purification of goodness, power, healing, and humbleness. Lord, allow your Wealth, Riches, Godfident, excellence, and Success be in everyone homes, and your righteous endures in their lives forever. According to(Ps 112:3).
You said whatever we ask for in prayer by Faith, we shall receive and obtain it. We thank you that Harvest times has come. We Glorify your Majestic name for everything being done. Not one word will fall to the ground, because it is Written( 1 Sam 3:19). In Jesus Ne'Eman
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