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We at I Am A Ruby Network, would like to take this time to Congratulate and Celebrate, this WOG Pastor Robin Albright on completing her Doctorate 4 years course at Platinum Ruby University, in Art's in Biblical Studies. What can we say about this Mighty woman of Valor? We would write a book to tell it all. This WOG, overcame every test, trial, tribulation, storm, tornado, and challenges, that came her way these last four years. In 2016, and 2017, this woman was in our live class connect calls, every Tuesday and Friday, while her husband, was having treatments. In her 2018 class, she was one of the top Platinum Honor's students, who got a promotion and receive a Masters Degree. What really, made me appreciate, and admire this woman of God, was when she was in her third year of school. Her Husband/King, and the love of her life, went on home to Glory, this woman, did not miss one assignment, one reading materiel, one class connect call, one article, one DQ, one participation, and extra credit. This woman of excellence had all her work done and completed early. Then the no-names tried to attack her son, she still was in class. He tried to attack her family, naturally, supernaturally, in her finances, and you named it, negative forces, threw it at her. However, she did not bow to down, to baal, she did not throw in the towel. She did not make not one excuse, when we tried to tell her to quit and take a break, she said no, I have to keep ongoing. She was PlatinumVictorian of her 2019 class. Her fourth and final year, her Dad/Apostle had gone on to Glory, you think this WOG, stopped, oh no, she kept on going hard in the paint, for God. This Anointed Courageous Woman, has endless strength, poise, humbleness, wisdom, knowledge, humility, patience, and greatness, that has been hand deposited by God. We would like to Present to Some and Introduce to others, I Am A Ruby Platinum Ruby University, Doctorate Class of 2020 Dr. Pastor Robin Albright. Let's Celebrate, and Appreciate this Beautiful Spirit, on her Kingdom Divine Achievement. We Salute the Divinity in you. We Love you to the Heaven's and beyond on Purpose Agape~

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