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Here is a little Snippet from our WealthDominionaire class from our online Platinum Ruby University. In addition, if you are ready to learn more about dreams, visions, supernatural forces/spirits, apostolic and prophetic anointing realms, the 7 kingdom Dimensional realms, and much more. then push the link below, and sign up. It will be one of the greatest destiny choices that you make in increasing your purpose.
I Am excited and ecstatic to see where more money, blessings, favor, and prosperity is coming from next in my life.
Thank you, I am giving to others because of my abundance and wealth are limitless.
Thank you, I am using my money to bless others, my family, and myself.
Thank you, I have Copious amounts of Money, PayPal donations, Prosperity, and Bonanzas.
Every day there is a Shift and change in my economic and financial status. Thank you, that my financial breakthroughs are a Huge realm of abundance. Thank you, for my home, that I own. Thank you for my vacation home.
Thank you, that I own the car of my choice. Thank you, for all my bills is paid in full, with plenty of money left over, to assist, and help someone else. I am living on and living in prosperous wealth. Every day and every way, I am extremely richer. Thank you, I am able to help other people obtain wealth.
I am ever running out of money. Thank you, that there is more than enough money in my life, for me to share huge amounts with others.
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