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I Am A Ruby Network 6th year Ministerial Anniversary!

It's I Am a Ruby Network 6th Year Anniversary on July 31. We are having a live Three-night old school Revival Worship Explosion Radio from Monday 7/29/19 to 7/31/19 at 7:30 pm EST. Theme: Are you using your KPP(Kingdom Powerful Proclamation)? Inspiration from(James 4:2) on our radio broadcast number 657-383-1918 or you can listen in from any device at www.blogtalkradio.com/platinumruby
This Revival is off the chain, is life Shifting, Transformational, and Dynamis(Dynamic Powerful). If you desire, expecting and ready for Healing, Breakthroughs, Miracles, Dominion Increase, Revelations, Prophetic Manifestations, and Heavenly Divine interventions with God. This is the place to be, and share this flyer, and information with everyone.

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