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Amen i agree with all fifteen cause i knoe some folks that got this baddd...some all fifteen. But i have a few as well i need to work on the ones that calls out the loudest to me and is the ones i need to work on and is so me...is that i need to work on is 1. 2. 3. 11. 6. So i know i have to work on this daily..Got to give it up!!!
This is amazing... i have giving these things up in that past year or so... it is a great feel.


My God, my God! We all have give up, put down, tune away from things to gain. Gain isn't alwayseasy be definitely worth it for the Kingdom. 

This is essential, as numbers 9 and 2 apply to me the most
Yes I am the head not to tail l I'm above not beneath I'm a lender not a borrower
I remember putting others needs before my own and of pleasing others. Always trying to help, satisfy, go here and there spreading myself to thin. It came at a cost of wearing down on my health, mind, spirit. My mother said I was like a Mother Teresa in one sense. God told me more than once to worry about yourself. It's okay to be there for others but use wisdom. Thank you God for delivering me from it. I pray you remove any other things.

This is Conformation for me on 15 things that I have giving up here lately AMEN. Thank you Queen Apostle Teyshana Wiley.

Amen, bless you Pastor Mother Pat

Pat Donaldson said:

This is Conformation for me on 15 things that I have giving up here lately AMEN. Thank you Queen Apostle Teyshana Wiley.

Thank you Queen Apostle Teyshana for 15 things to give up daily and I'm applying this to my life on a daily basis and I've seen a big improvement in me AMEN.

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